• Adhering aluminum to "mylar-like" film?

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    I am involved in a project that is building UV filters for grow lights and am looking for any input as to methods and materials for bonding two dissimilar substrates. The aluminum frame I have been experimenting with, scoring the metal in various ways, cleaning and drying, etc... The "mylar-like" filter material however, is having a difficult time maintaining adherence to the frame. We need something that is easy to apply and effective against heat, as well as UV light. The filter that we are producing will be exposed to UV light and heat upwards of 600 degrees F on a regular basis, sometimes for 24 hours a day for many days in a row. Currently we have been experimenting with HVAC silicone, however we are experiencing problems with it. It is messy, difficult to spread evenly, and has a lengthy cure time. We are looking to start producing hundreds of these filters a week, possibly more in the future, and
    we need something that is easy to apply in a speedy production line environment, effective against the aforementioned stresses, bonds two non-porous materials, and will be reliable for our customers’ continuous use of our filter product. Are there any double-sided tapes that would be applicable here? Possibly something that can paint or roll onto the frame
    prior to applying the film?
    Thank you for your time and consideration, any input will be greatly appreciated.

    for full context, visit http://www.polytechforum.com/materials/adhering-aluminum-to-mylar-like-film-9964-.htm

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