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    Re: space colonization. Consider this. A jar full of flies know that their population is doubling every day within a jar. One adventurous fly is able to escape the jar and finds a totally empty jar the same size as his old jar. How many days would it
    take jar two to resemble jar one? 1. In one day at that population rate, both jars would be overpopulated.
    Colonizing the moon or other planets is not the solution to humanities problem. From Calhoun's experiment we can extrapolate that we are in the third of four stages or his Utopian trials... The one just prior to extinction. Prior to that, all but a few
    males become asexual preeners, only escaping their safe places to eat at night. Could this be similar to today's explosion and forced acceptance in male homosexuality? The female mice become sterile and in other experiments different study subjects
    only produce female offspring if any service at all. Nature selects the female gender as the last hope of repopulation should the environs normalize, as a male majority is exponential less effective of reproduction. Some male animals actually become
    females as their male organs are chemically attacked by their own body.
    Is it possible that the need for gov representation and acceptance of the increasing LBGQT community is a sign of natures natural limiting factor? In America, there are political groups fighting against testosterone. Our dysfunctional government is run
    on hyped emotionalism (a female trait) as opposed to logic and reason. The maternal cry to help the poor, the abandoned, the immigrant is stronger then the realization that criminals can and will kill you. They ignore the most basic sense of self
    preservation and fight to prevent authority to even determine if the immigrant has a criminal history.
    In America, it is now cooler to be gay or lesbian then to be a normal and natural heterosexual. Young men have less opportunity to "fit in" socially as sport and games are neutralized with all participants championed. There is an intentional suppression
    of testosterone... From the food we eat to the activities that are currently socially acceptable. The snowflake is the outcome of such repression. Physically male, chemically female, mentally confused... All for the sake of democratic power and
    financial gain for the leaders who secretly despise the constituency they've indoctrinated.

    Nature has two sexes for a reason, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Nature unbalanced is guaranteed to equilibrate. Forcing natural imbalance for political gain greed and power is a sure fire way towards civil war or extinction. Life
    survives by following the laws of nature. The laws of man will never win against the ultimate foe. Yet we continue to blindly and ignorantly try to normalize the abnormal and champion the weak in an effort that can only ever lead to failure or disaster.
    Importing criminals or peoples of drastically different values will not change these peoples into law abiding citizenry that now, all of a sudden value human life when their entire existence has been based on stealing and killing to survive. Bringing
    more people into our 'utopia', good bad or ugly, will not alter the path of deception and destruction that already exists. Until we can resolve the symptoms of our own dysfunctional and diseased society, we have no right to import more people as it will
    surely accelerate our own demise. Its not a question to be answered using our governmentally sponsored emotion, it is purely natural. You due a disservice to humanity by gifting sustenance. One can only help by allowing people to earn their own
    intelligence sufficient to live free. There are no old addages that say give a man everything and he will become a pillar of the worlds communities, yet there are multitudes that revere the opposite...once a criminal..., give vs teach a man to fish, god
    helps those... etc, ad nauseum.

    Life is hard. Without hardship there is no life. Ponder that before you hit the D button this November. Vote to MAGA before you give away the store. Only then do we have something to offer the world.

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    Calhoun's mouse experiment has at least one vital flaw:
    "Four pairs of mice were screened for diseases (four male and four female). Upon verifying that they were healthy they were introduced into the enclosure."

    He started with just 4 mice. This means ALL the mice were INBRED. It is well known by all intelligent people that inbreeding causes all sorts of health and behavioral problems in mammals. That is why it is illegal in most countries to marry your sibling
    or even your first cousin!
    Inbred populations do exist in the modern world (some Muslim countries) and you can see how that has cause no end of trouble.

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    On Friday, August 3, 2018 at 10:41:05 AM UTC-4, parrot...@gmail.com wrote:
    Vote to MAGA before you give away the store. Only then do we have something to offer the world.

    WHAT? This is total hogwash. Life will always be hard. We don't need to make it harder by voting for an IDIOT who wants to give the US to Russia and is also a facist and a racist!

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