• Bag breathing to treat andropause

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    Oxidative stress has a great impact on male organs that anything less. There are ways in which you can fix the problems associated with oxidative stress such as low testosterone, high blood pressure and sometimes prostate problems. There is a solution
    normally referred to as bag breathing. This is where you breathe in and out of a paper bag; this will raise the level of carbon dioxide in the bag and increases the level of oxygen in the body. Two or more instances of bag breathing in a day can cause a
    positive effect on the body. This solution is the best way to reverse oxidation stress in male organs without medical attention. If one tries to reverse the level of oxidation stress, the level of restore will increase, and the level of estrogen will
    reduce, thus one will have an easier time building muscles and losing weight through exercise.

    SOURCE: https://www.andromenopause.com/low-testosterone-levels-related-to-increase-in-oxidative-stress/

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