• Osteoporosis GMO Drugs: Evenity

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    The drug industry is employing several tricks to stay a Wall Street darling.

    Monoclonal antibodies, sometimes call MoAbs, suppress the immune system and invite lymphoma and other malignancies including rare ones, infections like Legionella and Listeria, superinfections and fungal infections. (A MoAb patient recently got Hansen’
    s disease, once known as leprosy.)

    But MoAbs are big business for Big Pharma because they’re expensive and more resistant to generic competition than pills. Prolia maker Amgen deployed 1,000 reps to sell the drug despite the fact that during clinical trials, subjects developed cervical,
    ovarian, pancreatic, gastric, thyroid and breast cancers. Ten people were hospitalized with the skin infection cellulitis during trials and one died. Three more needed hospitalization for pneumonia after only one dose. Not only was Prolia approved
    despite its trail of harm, but it was also approved early.

    Now, drug makers have a launched another Prolia like drug called Evenity that costs $21,000 a year—a price that even ten years ago would have been unthinkable. Evenity (romosozumab), a MoAb, was rejected by the FDA in 2017 for its link to heart attack
    and stroke and approved only because a warning was added. After a year of Evenity treatment, patients must return to the dangerous other bone drugs it supposedly replaced.

    When women quit HRT, drug makers debuted bisphosphonates like Fosamax and Boniva, designed to replace those patients lost when HRT blew up. The marketing term “osteopenia” (the risk of osteoporosis) was invented and drug giants put bone density
    measuring devices in doctor offices, to scare women into taking bone drugs.

    But the bisphosphonates soon revealed risks of their own: jaw bone death (osteonecrosis) in which some women had to have their entire jaws removed, esophageal cancer and causing the very fractures they were supposed to prevent.

    MORE: https://www.theepochtimes.com/beware-the-drug-industrys-lucrative-gmo-drugs_2911217.html

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