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    Anybody know of any "free" Visio oilfield stencils or oil/gas relates icons, >images etc.

    I've already got one Visio stencil (56 shapes) I created and use quite >extensively - it anybody wants a copy, its a free download on our web site >on
    http://www.ashbourne-town.com/flair on the downloads page.

    Alan J. Fagg
    Flair Infomatics Ltd.

    Hi Alan,

    There had been a thread quite sometime ago;
    Newsgroups: sci.geo.petroleum
    Subject: Re: Need software for Wellbore Diagrams
    where several people got involved in exchanging of info on Pet
    Eng/Drilling, etc related CAD software, and particularly about Visio
    and libraries..
    I had my own libraries that I have designed, and sent them to the
    people requesting them (at the time, and still, they are free).
    I do not usually put them up on my web-page (although I have other
    drilling related stuff available for download) at the following link:
    The web site is at:

    (remove "---nospam" to obtain correct url)

    I can, however, send it via e-mail (the zipped archive of Visio stuff
    is 700 KB), to people requesting it (please specify if your e-mail
    server can handle 700 KB or larger attachments, when requesting, and
    also any spam protection on your e-mail).

    If anybody wants to request the stencils via e-mail, please address
    your request to: lozon@bart.NoSpam.nl (remove nospam part from the
    address). This might make it easier for me to address each request (as
    I visit the NG not so frequently, and my news feed is spoty at times,
    thus I might miss out a request posted here!).

    I may be late in my responses (but will definitely respond), as I get
    on the net during weekends only due to busy wok schedule (I am an
    ex-drilling engineer, who had made entry into the IT world just
    recently - well.. with the lack of jobs and whatever other problems
    going on in the Oil field, I must say I am happy with my new career...


    L. Ozon
    (B. Sc. Pet. Eng., Drilling Engineer, MCP, candidate for MCSE)


    Aspiring petroleum engineer in the upstream oil and gas industry. I'm looking for some visio stencils/shapes to desing lease setups & fluid systems for completions operations.

    19 years later haha..

    Thanks for your time, any advice is apreciated.

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