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    Kick Newsom right in his pussy. Turn the gas off, see how long that
    works out for these fascist Democrat communist oppressors.

    'The oil companies can fight back'
    Jonathan Lesser in National Review

    California is suing energy giants for "alleged damages from climate
    change, and the oil companies should call the state's bluff," says
    Jonathan Lesser in National Review. The lawsuit blames oil companies for "drought, storms, heat, cold, wildfires, rising seas, and so on." The
    state says the oil companies "continue to damage California by supplying fossil-fuel products." Fine. Chevron and Phillips 66 should shut down
    their California refineries. State leaders would end their "extortion
    attempt," fast.

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/oil-companies-should-call- california-s-bluff/ar-AA1iaOjK

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