• California Nancy boy Newsom's latest war on oil is off to a rough start

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    A Newsom-backed proposal to punish oil companies for high profits 'will
    only make matters worse for the California consumer,' expert tells state committee

    Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom's plan to limit oil companies'
    profits was met with criticism by Democrats, Republicans and experts alike
    at a state hearing earlier this week.

    During the hearing hosted Wednesday by the state's Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications experts balked at a proposal to
    punish oil exploration and refining companies with a financial penalty if
    found to increase gasoline prices "excessively." The hearing was held to consider SBX1-2, legislation backed by Newsom and proposed by Democratic
    state Sen. Nancy Skinner in December.

    "Enacting SBX1-2 is not in the best interests of the consumer, will not
    reduce retail pump prices and is not in the best long-term economic
    interests of California," said Michael Mische, a professor at the
    University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. "There are better alternatives."

    He added that the bill "will only make matters worse for the California consumer" and "serve as a disincentive for investing in supply and new technologies for the refiners."


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    Let's hope the Fed kinda goes GOP next ... otherwise we'll
    see Joe or a clone BAILING THEM OUT for their idiocies.

    That's right - YOU pay because THEIR Wokie/Commie schemes
    crash and burn ........

    (Oh, what did 'guns' have to do with any of this ? Removed it)

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