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    HA! HA! So much for GLOBALIZATION hunh, you fuckwits?

    The Russia state-owned energy giant Gazprom said Friday that it
    will once again shut off gas supplies to Europe as concerns
    mount over European energy shortages ahead to the winter months.

    Gas supplied through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline will cease from
    Aug. 31 to Sept. 2 for "routine maintenance" but comes just one
    month after the energy company restored natural gas to a fifth
    of the pipeline’s capacity after a maintenance closure.

    Natural gas prices, which have skyrocketed in 2022, rose again
    on Friday making the price for the energy commodity twice as
    high as one year ago.

    Countries in the European Union have not only seen widespread
    inflation and the looming threat of a recession, but officials
    are concerned how the natural gas shortages will impact
    Europeans in the coming winter months.

    Germany’s Economy Ministry said it was "monitoring the situation
    in close cooperation with the Federal Network Agency," which
    regulates the gas market. "Gas flows through Nord Stream 1 are
    currently unchanged at 20%."

    Gazprom said the planned maintenance on a key compressor station
    along the Nord Stream 1 pipeline will be conducted in
    coordination with its German partner Siemens Energy.

    https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/threat-energy-shortages- mount-moscow-stops-gas-supply-europe-3-days

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