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    Heat, heat, heat. It???s a world of firsts, of records that no one
    could ever have wished for:


    Wind turbines can't run without oil, typically three different kinds.
    They will have lubrication oil, grease and hydraulic oil.

    Somewhat conflating crude oil, synthetic oil, and vegetable oil.
    According to some estimates oil and gas will run out at current
    usage around 2070. "Forever" turns out to be 50y.

    "Al Gore’s $36 Billion Fund Sees New Urgency to Cut Off Oil Money"
    "Fossil-fuel stocks have long been off limits at Generation Investment,
    with co-founder David Blood saying `we have probably five years.’"

    Global warming is purely about making money.

    Greedy geenie California is sitting on a lot of oil. It seeps right out
    of the ground, no pumping needed. If things get tight, those who need it
    will have no problem marching in and killing off the greens to get the

    "Natural seeps in Southern California contribute about 5 million gallons
    of oil to the ocean annually, with wide year to year variation (NAS 2003). However, in the Coal Oil Point area alone, seep estimates range from 4,200
    to 25,000 gallons of oil per day, or 1.5 to 9 million gallons annually
    (Leifer et al. 2005), indicating substantial uncertainty in these numbers. These seeps likely have been leaking for thousands of years.

    Hypocritical Democrat California should be pumpimg and reducing the oil
    leaks to save the ocean, but the plastic straw banners and tree huggers
    have the ears of the legislature. Screw those whales, who needs them.


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