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    A giant volcano lies beneath Yellowstone National Park and the
    heat it generates powers all the hot springs and geysers in the
    area, but where does this heat come from?

    Yellowstone Hotspot
    Scientists describe Yellowstone as a hotspot marked by
    anomalously high temperature. The intense heat produced by this
    hotspot is responsible for the melting of the crust and the
    formation of basaltic and rhyolitic magma.

    The Yellowstone hotspot is fixed within the Earth's mantle and
    has long been suspected to be part of a mantle plume, an
    upwelling of abnormally hot rock within the Earth's mantle.
    Mantle plumes may originate from the boundary separating the
    mantle and the core about 1,850 miles beneath the surface.

    To find evidence of a plume beneath the Yellowstone, Study
    researchers Peter Nelson and Stephen Grand, from the University
    of Texas, used seismic tomography, a technique for imaging
    Earth's subsurface using seismic waves produced by earthquakes
    or explosions. The data provided evidence for plume extending
    from the core-mantle boundary all the way to the base of the
    crust at Yellowstone.

    "The model reveals a single narrow, cylindrically shaped slow
    anomaly, approximately 350 km in diameter that we interpret as a
    whole-mantle plume. The anomaly is tilted to the northeast and
    extends from the core-mantle boundary to the surficial position
    of the Yellowstone hotspot," the researchers wrote in their
    study, which was published in Nature Geoscience in March. "Our
    results strongly support a deep origin for the Yellowstone

    http://www.techtimes.com/articles/225865/20180421/yellowstone- hotspot-scientists-find-source-of-supervolcano-s-heat.htm

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