• The Earth's poles may be about to flip - and the consequences could be

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    Over the past 200 years, the Earth’s magnetic field has been
    getting weaker. Researchers believe that this could be a sign
    that the poles are about to flip – and the consequences could be
    “dire,” according to some scientists. If a flip happens, it
    could knock out power grids, alter the climate, and expose us to
    solar winds that could puncture the ozone layer.

    The poles have switched regularly throughout Earth’s history.
    The last time they flipped was 780,000 years ago. Since the
    poles normally switch every 200,000 – 300,000 years – according
    to NASA – we are well overdue for a change. Over the last two
    centuries, the magnetic field generated by the Earth’s molten
    core has weakened 15 percent, lending further evidence to the
    fact that the poles are getting restless.

    If the poles flip, it could confuse animals that rely on
    magnetic fields for migration, and it could lead to more
    radiation from the sun reaching life on the planet, according to
    studies. This would lead to an increase in the incidence of
    cancer – or at least require us to protect ourselves better from
    the sun. In a worst-case scenario, the flipping poles could wipe
    out power grids by damaging satellites that control grid
    infrastructure and could impact the climate by changing cloud

    According to researcher Daniel Baker, we don’t know for sure
    when the poles could flip. The poles have been known to shift
    and move, ultimately snapping back into place. And while it
    certainly wouldn’t be a doomsday scenario for the planet, it
    would be wise to prepare for the event, so that the impact isn’t
    challenging for humanity.

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    https://inhabitat.com/the-earths-poles-may-be-about-to-flip-and- the-consequences-could-be-dire/

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