• Alaska Volcano Erupts, global warming stats for last 100 years wiped ou

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    An Alaskan volcano that has erupted several times since last
    year spewed an ash cloud up to 30,000 feet, leading to an
    aviation warning.

    The Bogoslof volcano erupted Saturday, sending ash over the
    Aleutians Islands, the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) said.

    It “remains at a heightened state of unrest and in an
    unpredictable condition, and additional explosions producing
    high-altitude volcanic clouds could occur at any time,” the
    observatory said.

    The volcano sits under the flight path of many flights from Asia
    to North America and its ash cloud could adversely affect

    “Ash and aircraft do not mix, as volcanic ash is abrasive, melts
    at jet engine temperatures, and can cause engine failure,” the
    United States Geological Survey says.

    The aviation color code remains at red.

    Bogoslof’s current eruption sequence started in December,
    according to the observatory. Its previous eruption events have
    lasted weeks, sometimes months.

    In May, an eruption prompted a similar temporary aviation alert
    but was subsequently downgraded to “orange.”

    Aircraft are often instructed to fly around or over ash clouds,
    although in some circumstances air traffic has been grounded due
    to the hazards from airborne ash. In 2010 the eruption of the
    Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland caused the cancellation of
    flights around Europe for six days.

    http://wtvr.com/2017/07/09/planes-warned-after-bogoslof-volcano- in-alaska-erupts/

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