• Magnetic braking is impossible in case of our Sun in early Solar system

    From Hannu Poropudas@21:1/5 to All on Sat Apr 22 00:57:16 2023
    I don't understand that could magnetic field lines in the space
    have really cosmological length from the Big Bang start from
    center of the space to present day space ???

    I found copies of my old postings 1992-1993
    (I added now here the "center system of the Metagalaxy"?):

    Magnetic braking is impossible in case of the Sun,
    because the central system of the space
    (= center system of the Metagalaxy?) would have frozen
    if such a magnetic braking had slowed our Sun's rotation rate
    in the early Solar system. (axiom of astrophysics, H-M 1992-1993).

    It is also impossible to slow down Sun's rotation rate by tidal braking, because Sun in too hot and masses of all planets are too small for it.
    (axiom of astrophysics ?, H-M 1992-1993).

    Turbulence in early accretion disk around the proto Sun
    is efficient way to transfer angular momentum to outer parts of the disk.

    Sun's mass loss and strong solar wind in early Solar system is also
    responsible in transferring Sun's angular momentum outwards
    in early acceretion disk.

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