• Earth's core is rapidly cooling, study reveals. Is our planet becoming

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    https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2022/01/19/earth-interior- cooling-faster-study/6576214001/

    Earth's interior is cooling faster than we previously estimated, according
    to a recent study, prompting questions about how long people can live on
    the planet.

    There's no exact timetable on the cooling process, which could eventually
    turn Earth solid, similar to Mars. But results from a new study, published
    in the peer-reviewed journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, focuses
    on how quickly the core may cool by studying bridgmanite, a heat-
    conducting mineral commonly found at the boundary between the Earth's core
    and mantle.

    “Our results could give us a new perspective on the evolution of the
    Earth’s dynamics," ETH Zurich professor Motohiko Murakami, the lead
    author of the study, said in a press release. "They suggest that Earth,
    like the other rocky planets Mercury and Mars, is cooling and becoming
    inactive much faster than expected."

    While the process may be moving quicker than previously thought, it's a timeline that "should be hundreds of millions or even billions of years," Murakami told USA TODAY.

    The boundary between the Earth's outer core and mantle is where the
    planet's internal heat interaction exists. The scientific team studied how
    much bridgmanite conducts from the Earth's core and found higher heat flow
    is coming from the core into the mantle, dissipating the overall heat and cooling much faster than initially thought.

    "This measurement system let us show that the thermal conductivity of bridgmanite is about 1.5 times higher than assumed," Murakami said in the
    press release. "We still don't know enough about these kinds of events to
    pin down their timing."

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