• October 2021 National Weather Summary

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    OCTOBER 2021

    3-9: Despite the rain in some regions, near- or above-normal temperatures covered much of the country. In fact, widespread cooler-than-normal conditions were generally limited to the Pacific Coast States. Weekly temperatures averaged at least 10 to 15°F
    above normal from the northern Plains into the Great Lakes region. Readings averaged more than 5°F above normal across large sections of the Plains, Midwest, mid-South, and midAtlantic. In contrast, temperatures averaged as much as 5°F below normal in
    the Pacific Northwest. Across the central and eastern U.S., major agricultural areas continued to experience freeze-free weather. As a result, summer crop maturation and harvesting advanced without cold-weather concerns. In fact, record-setting heat
    lingered across the northern Plains, where temperatures briefly topped the 90-degree mark. On October 5-6, consecutive daily-record highs were established in North Dakota locations such as Minot (91 and 90°F) and Dickinson (93 and 87°F). Other record-
    setting highs for October 5 included 90°F in Glasgow and Miles City, MT. Bismarck, ND, with a high of 91°F on October 5, observed its 51st reading of the year with a high of 90°F or higher, second only to 53 such days in 1936. By midweek, record-
    setting heat was suppressed southward. In Florida, Fort Myers logged consecutive daily record-tying highs (94°F both days) on October 6-7. Late in the week, heat developed across the south-central U.S., where Roswell, NM, registered a pair of
    dailyrecord highs (95 and 99°F, respectively) on October 8-9. In Texas on October 9, daily-record highs soared to 100°F in Childress, 98°F in Borger, 97°F in Midland, and 96°F in Lubbock and Amarillo. Childress’ reading marked the latest triple-
    digit reading in that location since October 13, 1954, when the high was 100°F. Farther north, a daily-record high of 96°F occurred on the 9th in Wichita, KS. Elsewhere, chilly Northwestern weather resulted in a dailyrecord low (22°F on October 8) in
    Klamath Falls, OR.

    10-16: Chilly conditions gripped most areas from the Pacific Coast to the High Plains. Some of the coldest air, relative to normal, pushed across the Great Basin and Southwest, holding weekly temperatures as much as 10°F below normal. In stark contrast,
    significantly above-normal temperatures covered the eastern half of the U.S. Temperatures averaged at least 10 to 15°F above normal in many locations from the Great Lakes region into the Northeast. Despite a late-week Midwestern turn toward cooler
    weather, the 2021 growing season largely continued—more than 2 weeks after the normal first autumn freeze date in some places across the northwestern Corn Belt. On October 10, La Crosse, WI, noted a high temperature of 81°F and a low of 63°F. This
    marked La Crosse’s 109th day this year with a maximum reading of 80°F or greater, and the 101st day with a minimum of 60°F or higher. Previous records in La Crosse had been 108 days (in 1998) and 100 days (in 2018), respectively. Farther south,
    Galveston, TX, reported several daily-record highs, including a reading of 90°F on October 10. During the mid- to late-week period, warmth surged into the East in advance of a cold front. Tampa, FL, registered consecutive daily-record highs of 92°F on
    October 13-14. In Maine, record-setting highs for October 13 rose to 77°F in Caribou and 76°F in Houlton. October 14 featured dailyrecord highs in Eastern locations such as Fort Myers, FL (92°F); Florence, SC (88°F); and Columbus, OH (86°F).
    Florence posted another daily-record high on October 16, with a reading of 91°F. Allentown, PA, closed the week with consecutive daily-record highs (82 and 81°F, respectively) on October 15-16. Elsewhere in the East, daily-record highs for October 16
    surged to 87°F in Wilmington, NC, and 72°F in Saint Johnsbury, VT. In contrast, chilly air settled across the West. By October 12, Northwestern daily-record lows dipped to 17°F in Redmond, OR, and 36°F in Seattle, WA. In Montana, record-setting lows
    for October 13 plunged to 9°F in Cut Bank and 13°F in Kalispell. On the same date in southern California, daily-record lows included 28°F in Campo, 33°F in Ramona, and 35°F in Palmdale. Thermal, CA, tallied consecutive daily-record lows (41 and 45°
    F, respectively) on October 13-14. By the morning of October 17, Dalhart, TX, logged a daily-record low of 28°F. Early in the week, a non-tropical disturbance lurked near the North Carolina coastline, where Cape Hatteras received 5.69 inches of rain on
    October 9-10.

    17-23: Mild, dry weather for much of the week favored autumn fieldwork, including summer crop harvesting and winter wheat planting, in a variety of regions.

    Late-season warmth prevailed for much of the week across the southern half of the Plains and the Northwest, averaging at least 5°F above normal in some locations. Elsewhere, cooler-than-normal conditions dominated California and the Desert Southwest,
    where weekly readings averaged as much as 5°F below normal. Early in the week, below-normal temperatures from an earlier cool outbreak lingered in several areas. In Texas, Dalhart posted a daily-record low of 28°F on October 17. Meanwhile, warmth
    quickly returned across the Northwest. In Montana, highs surged to daily record-tying levels for October 17 in Cut Bank (77°F) and Missoula (75°F). As warm weather shifted eastward, daily-record highs included 73°F (on October 19) in Marquette, MI,
    and 80°F (on October 20) in Newark, NJ. Cool weather lingered for much of the week, however, in California and the Great Basin. Downtown Oakland, CA, notched a daily-record low of 48°F on October 19. During the second half of the week, unusual warmth
    was most apparent across the South and Pacific Northwest. Daily-record highs for October 21 rose to 90°F in New Iberia, LA, and 69°F in Bellingham, WA. Similarly, record-setting highs for October 22 included 86°F in Florence, SC, and 79°F in Ontario,
    OR. On October 23, daily-record highs climbed above the 90-degree mark in locations such as Childress, TX (94°F); Tampa, FL (91°F); and Roswell, NM (91°F).

    24-30: Near- or above-normal temperatures dominated both wet and dry areas of the country. Warmth was particularly prominent across the High Plains and the Northwest, where weekly readings broadly averaged at least 5°F above normal. Unusual warmth also
    prevailed in the middle Atlantic States; weekly temperatures averaging 5°F above normal or greater were common.

    Meanwhile in the midAtlantic, daily-record highs for October 25 rose to 80°F in Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC. Heat lingered for several days in Texas, where recordsetting highs for October 26 climbed to 96°F in Del Rio and 95°F in Childress.
    McAllen, TX, recorded a high of 90°F or greater each day from October 19-28, including a daily-record high of 97°F on the 27th. Farther east, Miami, FL, posted consecutive daily-record highs of 90°F on October 27-28. Late in the week, Northern
    temperatures briefly surged in advance of a cold front. In Montana, record-setting highs for October 29 included 77°F in Glasgow and 74°F in Helena. In Cut Bank, MT, however, low temperatures dipped to 9 and 2°F, respectively, on October 30-31,
    following a 3-inch snowfall.

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