• The Twelve Olympians.

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    Indicates the San Andreas.

    Indicates the Central American fault system.

    Indicates the Northern Caribbean Plate Boundary and the geologic stressors near Rathbun Lake, those possibly caused by the Manson Crater. Inductive reasoning element possibly included. As A then B, whereas A is the Manson/Rathburn relationship (a splash
    of hot materials) then Northern Caribbean Plate Boundary and Chicxulub to the splash in the South Atlantic ocean 700 miles NNW of Edinburg of the Seven Seas as well as the additional splash elements found in that area.

    84.474687, -164.265172 It's the source of the stress lines that run West of California and Baja California along the ocean floor.

    Her hair? The Anatolian Peninsula.

    The Chixculub/Caribbean ridge is the plume of her Corinthian helmet. The ridge that contains Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, & Puerto Rico.

    While there are some amphora of her with a mirror that feature elements of Newfoundland, Labrador & Quebec. They aren't the original. Look 100 miles south of the peak of Quebec tilted clockwise 12.5 degrees. You'll see the eyes of Aphrodite. The rest of
    her body follows her feet are in the surf.

    The plume of his helmet? Novaya Zemlya.

    The North East Asia coastline fault showin' off the fish that he speared.

    Indicates the North South Fault between the South American and African plates.

    71.391587, -156.561703 is the peak of the cap of Hephaestus n Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Catalogue No. Boston 13.188.

    Another cleave of Africa launched from the Bay of Mauritania and Senegal… and surfed/skidded up against the big rock of the Rocky Mountains.

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