• What do the words "up the line" and "as far as we go." indicate to you.

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    Is 500 years enough? We might need to stage a translation of the Kingdoms, don't rush pell-mell to this. We'll need some experience. There's not an awful lot left after the Taklamakan Desert Impact. Tsunamis and cleaved landforms, whole cultures, species,
    and populations destroyed? Or, a helping hand. AI in the form of our transportees? Very possible. Do all you can.


    The Four worlds and the Emergence
    In this narrative, Grandmother Spider is also known as the Good Spirit. She acts as a guide to the creatures in the first world, helping them travel to the higher worlds.[6] She guides and mentors them as they change into different forms, slowly becoming
    more human. She leaves the creatures in the fourth world (the high world) to settle permanently.[4]

    The Four Worlds
    In this story of creation, Spider Grandmother, also called "Gogyeng Sowuhti", is the assistant of Tawa. He sends her to the creatures living in the first world to deliver his word. Tawa was unhappy that his creations do not understand how to live. Spider
    Grandmother guides the creatures on their journeys through the worlds as their physical appearances change to be more human. In the third world she taught them how to weave and make clay pots. While in the third world the people began to turn away and
    forget Tawa. Because of this Spider Grandmother was sent to let the few who were still good know that it was time to leave the others behind. With the help of the Pokanyhoya and the Chipmunk, Spider Grandmother advised and lead the people to the upper
    world where they would reside. Spider Grandmother helped the people create the sun and moon, advised the people on how and where to travel, and on religious practices.[7]

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