• The Tale of the Fish

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    The Tale of the Fish

    Once upon a time, there was fish made of layers of rock and ice.
    It lived happily near the Bering Strait. 62.400676, 179.453918 Then, a big bad comet bounced off the earth really hard. The fish flipped with an Y-axial twist and landed south of the Gulf of Alaska. 53.582559, -154.598948

    Its momentum was such it skidded happily to the edges of California where the moon had hit a long time ago.

    Then, the fish caught a wave and it came to rest happily ever after in Nevada, California and Arizona. 40.136682, -121.321843

    The coordinates indicate the tail of the fish.
    And that, is the Tale of the Fish.

    What was the fish's name you might ask?
    That fish's name was "Your ass is grass" because there sure was a lot of that, near the fish's ass.

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