• 79.180753, -86.778782 & 29.558913, -7.631965

    From Doc Martian@21:1/5 to All on Mon Oct 4 02:14:13 2021
    Now, remember how the Southern portion of Africa that ended up becoming the bed for the Coral Sea, was wafted by great ocean swell off it's S. American temporary harbor? A swell brought this piece over Greenland too. Greenland was transported by the 67p/
    Taklamakan hit. This piece was transported post Antarctic roll and drop. Besides the usual penetrating astroblemage, which is enough to verify; look for an as yet unseated Greenland's beveled tilt and to my trained eye, it looks like it did some grinding.
    Mebbe even some sparkin'. Something big sparked right here 82.537656, -40.858720.
    You note that I haven't been posting penetrating astroblemage except for the big ones. Like you wouldn't look for independent verification? I know better, I post one, you guys gotta find two more. So here's one.

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