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    These are public worknotes, the primary key is to line up the dendritic patterns on the West coast of Greenland. Flip that image east-west and rotate it 90┬░ so those patterns are over Greece & Bulgaria, they'll line up nicely.

    It probably built up a nice-sized tsunami beneath it although it looks like there's some indications of pressure to the Northwest of Iceland. Doesn't seem like enough but there may have been a cushion of water beneath Greenland instead of an impact.

    Bohemia's rolling firey cartwheels come to mind. Also need-fire rituals where there's more than the basic need-fire. There would have been a lot of water vapor with magma-dripping landforms, the smoke would have served as a seed crystal for some of that
    vapor to become precipitation. That's why obsidian as a burning-glass wouldn't have been a viable option. #oxford #nationalgeographic #taklamandesertimpact #sorbonneuniversité #thelouvre #moma #archaeologymagazine #ucberkeley #beijinguniversity

    Note: I think Greenland may have landed upon a part cleaved from what is now South of Denmark. About a 500 mile section. Denmark from the NW of where Greenland was cleaved.
    It looks like that shape but N<->S instead of E<->W. Centered about GISP2. I want to think about this a little more, but I also want some stuff in my public work notes because I know some people are using this info at other locations, and it will help
    keep us all honest.

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