• What is lightning?

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    To understand lightning. Pull up a lightning frequency map. You'll need to understand the basics of gaussing and degaussing. Ferric materials hold a gaussed charge based on their location in the magnetosphere. So an object gaussed to one degree of
    latitude holds a different charge than something at 180°. These charges interact electrostatically at a molecular level including particulate matter. So ferric elements have a latitudinal charge based on their initial location. That latitudinal charge
    extends to eroded particles such as sand, dust, or smoke. When those particles ascend as thunderhead cloud crystal seeds they continue to hold their latitudinal charge. Most of those particles travel to the Southeast. The Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean,
    Southeast Brazil, Southeast Asia, and not so much in Australia, but with less Australian water less eroded ferric elements, although there is some from the Southeast Asia erosion current. Similarly the Indian Ocean has latitudinal conglomerations from
    flow off the subcontinent. When those ferric seeds in thunderclouds travel over a differently gaussed area the static imbalance results in an electrical charge including clusters of ferric seeds. Higher temperatures as along equator speeds those
    processes as well. That is why Greenland/Northern Canada doesn't have as many lightning strikes as the Caribbean despite similar ferric pooling and distance between landforms. Also, note the Mediterranean, an sea with small latitudinal variance so that
    the erosion from continents doesn't have all the variance that Southeast Asia's or the Southeast Africa has in its erosion drift. Whatta I win? I'm not doing the math on this. But if you want me to metaphorically discover it for Spain, please continue to
    haze me, and I'll discover it for Mexico. Lots of lightning there. Perhaps ways to harvest it or in some locations intensify it for even greater harvests.

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