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    I'm moving slowly on these. Each one brings up a mess of new epicycles. My favorite so far? The Sphinx. I've got some stuff I've got to hold on to as well. The stuff you've seen blows your minds enough. Some are explicitly non-relatable. They involve
    pictures of your family members. Need to know is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy enough here.

    Oceanus Procellarum for example. The impact point is the ring of fire. You'll see the Ring of Fire reflected. Also, you'll find a distribution of ferric elements that are gaussed to Earth's magnetic field. Degaussing elements may exist in the form of
    other impact objects on the moon. However, the impact and melted elements should echo the ocean there. My OWN epicycle here. Using existing knowledge I when I learned of the Procellarum Rifts and related them to the expected impact against existing
    continents, instead of being the source of those continents. The vulcanism still exists from rifts in the original ocean floor. Here I think of the Delphic Oracle's entry adage. "Surety is Ruin."

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