• Monument Valley and 'Impact Object Nut.'

    From Doc Martian@21:1/5 to All on Tue Aug 3 07:15:41 2021
    Monument Valley. Line the base of W. Mitten up with the top of what might need to be named Impact Object W. Mitten

    E. Mitten Impact Object -31.166842, -32.782617 maybe 100 miles in diameter. My first impression was that it was the whole 500 mile astrobleme. There doesn't seem to be much radial damage, so I think the 100 mile diameter central element is the impact

    Merrick Butte Impact Object is an above ground embedded hit, about 1500 miles in diameter -23.950724, 21.385529

    No television, no books, no computers, simple tools, what better to do than build aggregate sculptures?

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