• Sinus Borealis

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    Has anyone heard of the Sinus Borealis?
    My first thought is that its somewhere on Venus or Mars but my
    Geophysics Book shows the "Boreal Rift" opening between Greenland and Scandavia in the Permian (280-250 Ma). Sinus does apparently mean "Bay"
    in the geological context so maybe this is it.
    The Yahoo Web Searcher gives the Vastitas Borealis on Mars. This is a wide spread lowland area at 67.5N 180W
    Then the web searchers find things like Aroma Borealis (A coffee/tea),
    the Aurora Borealis (we know what that is - Northern Lights), various companies with the name something Borealis and various stars.
    Sinus Borealis is the ancestral of arctic oceans within the PANGAEA

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