• Sexual Harassment in Spain

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    Emma Caroline Heasley alleged "She wrote down everything in her geological notebook" "As it happened" ( or contempary notes)
    20 July 1994
    "He wanted to wash my hair. I said no. He insisted and I still said no. Then he said "Ah go on let me then said I had more in common with a nun. I was terrified"
    PROBLEM. There was a single event which by her own evidence she was not there occurred on 11 July.
    This lead to another event which she does not mention on 13 July in which she threatens to accuse the victim of rape. Naturally the victim (36M) refuses to share a tent with her.
    This leads to RCH stating "she was returning to UK by plane" on 15 July.
    On 17 July at 0900 Accused left Aguilar De Campoo with Paul Buchannon. By 1900 he was at Tess. On 18 July he repaired his car at Sabingnago and has the brake pad receipts to prove it. After staying 2 nights at Panticosa (18, 19) by 20 July he was at
    Cauterets France and had a campsite receipt to prove it.
    Emma Caroline Heasley is a profligate liar.
    Her father who she introduced as Billy Dickson is actually Raymond William Heasley a criminal who spent 2 years in Crumlin Road prison c 1967 for the embezzlement burglary of his employer Lindsay Brothers Drapery Callander Street Belfast.
    He was also an undischarged bankrupt banned for 10 years for defrauding creditors in excess of £55000.
    Emma Caroline Heasley mother became pregnant to another man c1984.
    Erika (named after SS Panzer march ERIKA) Heasley nee Armstrong allowed her chequebook account to be used for many building site frauds perpetrated by James Gordon aka Builder from Hell (Sunday Life 1996) and a convicted thief .Also known as Crash Gordon
    for his defrauding and conviction by trading standards NI
    In short Emma Caroline Heasley is tarred with three different criminal sticks. She also alleged (date not specified despite a notebook)
    "At the disco he put his hands round my waist, he was always doing this. I was frightened and scared and could imagine him shouting at me. He had a terrible temper"
    Russel Hempsey and Paul Buchannon (both hostile witnesses) alleged that not only were they not at a disco but that Emma Heasley was not with them.
    Q Where was she and who was she with?
    Is Emma Heasley a liar or was she halucinating?

    Bell family of Carryduff allege that ECH was involved in the theft of roofing timber in a fraud in 1995/6

    Raymond Philmore and Davina Philmore who were defrauded by James Gordon in 95/96 state that Emma Heasley stood on a nail on their premises while working.
    Davina Philmore took ECH to Lagan Valley Accident and Emergency Dept.
    Davina stated "Emma said to triage nurse. I am a registered diabetic and have to inform you I am a type 1 diabetic'
    Ipso facto. Emma Heasley was a type 1 diabetic' in Spain with no insulin suffering hypoglycaemia ketoacidosis,glomerulonephritis (she admitted to kidney stones attack) and polyuria (frequent urination) which leads to thrush and bladder infections.
    However the temperature was in excess of 40 C . Diabetics can not control thermoregulation or sweat. (Also constant water loss) leading to dehydration, heat stroke, hyperthermia confusion and feinting not to mention coma or death.

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