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    From Jean-Paul Turcaud@21:1/5 to Minister on Sat Feb 16 18:27:34 2019
    Dear Mr Johnston,

    I have noted your informative reply to my letter to the W.A. Premier
    dated 28th December 2018. As it is, I had already anticipated its
    content, since on the 1st of February 2019 wrote to _/His Excellency the Governor General of Australia & to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission/_ a report titled: _*THE MULTI-BILLIONS TELFER MINE SWINDLE &

    At that date I had indeed send you copy, to your wife Kate Doust Member
    of SMR, to Premier Marc McGowan and leader of Opposition Mike Nahan,
    hence your letter comes quite as a surprise, since not taking into
    account the new circumstances. Also I made you all WA MPs in copy of
    another confidential communication to the _/His Excellency the Governor
    General of Australia/_ titled _*Recommendation for the Order of
    Australia / + Official Reply*_. I am afraid you are not keeping up to
    date with my publications, some kind of laxity I cannot fail to observe,
    since it conducted you to reply in a most ridiculous fashion, falling to
    grasp the whole issue, that is the one of the complete corruption of
    your West Australia Parliament completely overridden by Mining
    Companies, their largesses & prebends. The clear result as dramatically illustrated by the way the Newmont and Newcrest Mining Criminals
    completely escaped unscathed the _*ROYAL INQUIRY*_ , demanded through 7 interventions in the W.A Parliament by the late _/Shadow Minister for
    Justice T.D Evans & Member for Kalgoorlie/_ and ultimately *PROMISED* by
    your very _/Labour Party/_ .

    Hence this affair is not a private matter between the discoverer of
    Telfer Mine, and incidentally the whole subsequent development of the
    Great Sandy Desert, but a matter of honour and respect of the word
    given. Never heard of this I suppose, and it is a pity that Peter Tinley originally nominated as Minister of Mines, and quite aware of what I
    mean, should have resigned his position, precisely to be clear with his conscience. Something which would not bother you indeed, as I can judge
    by your complete lack of respect shown to someone who not only made the richness of WA, but of Australia at large.

    I am incensed indeed by your way of telling me that *QUOTE* I note that
    you have raised this issue repeatedly over the years. *UNQUOTE. *Of
    course I have and rightly so, and if your Labour Party have had a bit of
    said honour, and respect of the word given, back to Burke and latter
    Lawrence, that affair would have been settled a long time ago. Further
    the Newmont Mining Corporations master minds of that Criminal
    Multi-Multi Billions Teffer Mine, namely your WA Parliament official
    Heroes fraudulently pretending at that Telfer Mine discovery, namely
    former Newmont CEO David Tyrwhitt and former Newmont President Bob
    Searls, would have been thrown in jail a long time ago, a proper place
    to sleep for such gallows birds indeed. Instead of that you, a bloke as
    I have estimated, unable indeed to survive more than a half hour in the
    seering heat of the bush, and unable of course to find the least water
    hole even his live would depend on it, you are telling me, an Australia
    Mining Pioneer, that you hold in contempt that very quality which makes
    mining prospectors survive in most trying circumstances i.e. stamina.
    Who are you? Of course I raised that issue with Court Senior, Court
    junior, Lawrence etc and closer to us to Barnett, and lately to McGowan,
    and I tell you what except McGowan indeed all the Premier (s), although
    having their hand tied by the Mining Criminals, replied personally to
    me... not the case here !

    You, and your McGowan Government are burying the Hon. T.D Evans twice,
    and most shamefully trampling on your Labour Party's procedures &
    principles, shunning away from duty indeed. I understand of course that
    such Mining Companies are the milk cows of your political parties, but
    when criminals behaviors come to the fore, to actively twist the course
    of Justice like Charles Court and Mansaros did, and as you are doing now
    to cover it, has a specific name to qualify it, it's called *Treason* ,
    but you might prefer the term *Forfeiture *?

    Last you advise me that this is a private matter between the Mining
    Criminals and myself. Good, unfortunately I am not on speaking term with
    the bastards. Sometimes back I heard that they had named their main
    street at Telfer after me, and this back in 2012. I wrote to protest
    both on the fact that they did it without my permission, nor advising me
    of it, this was of course to show some cheap form of recognition. They
    never replied, incidentally of any form of recognition you and your
    McGowan government are completely unable... a consistent attitude of the
    W.A. Parliament indeed. Yes saying just "Thank You", instead of all your ranting , would have been appreciated! Further it would have been a
    first from your WA Parliament... a pioneer?

    Last but quite interestingly, the fall of your letter is a typical
    formula used in their replies to me by that lawyers rabble hired by the
    Newmont & Newcrest Mining Corporations. They dictated your answer !
    Wondering !

    Anyway, awaiting next developments.

    Yours sincerely

    Jean-Paul Turcaud / Australia Mining Pioneer
    Discoverer of Telfer Mine (Australia largest Copper & Gold Mine),
    Nifty (Cu) & Kintyre (U, Th) Mines, all in the Great Sandy Desert (++)

    Exploration Geologist & Offshore Consultant / Founder of the True

    *for background geology info.*

    THE GOLDEN RULE by Bob Sheppard http://www.chartandmapshop.com.au/2803433/The-Golden-Rule/9780859053112

    On 11/02/2019 05:42, Johnston, Minister wrote:
    Our Ref: 71-09248

    Dear Mr Turcaud

    Please find attached a letter on behalf of the Hon Bill Johnston MLA
    dated: 11/02/2019

    Yours sincerely

    [Government of Western Australia]

    Office of the Hon Bill Johnston MLA

    Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Energy; Industrial Relations
    Member for Cannington
    +61 8 6552 6<tel:+61865526700>700
    9th Floor, Dumas House, 2 Havelock Street WEST PERTH WA 6005 Australia<https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Dumas+House/@-31.9530884,115.8440709,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x2a32a52ee785daad:0x966354eb4bd145cd!8m2!3d-31.953225!4d115.8438671>
    Email: Minister.Johnston@dpc.wa.gov.au<mailto:Minister.Johnston@dpc.wa.gov.au>

    Hon Bill Johnston MLA
    Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Energy and Industrial Relations
    Our Ref: 71-09248
    Mr Jean-Paul Turcaud
    Dear Mr Turcaud
    I refer to your email of 28 December 2018 regarding your claims in
    relation to the
    discovery of the Telfer mine. I note that you have raised this issue
    repeatedly over the
    As previously advised, the Government of Western Australia regards this
    as a private
    matter between yourself, the individuals and companies involved; and
    will not enter
    into further correspondence associated with your claims regarding the
    discovery of the
    Telfer mine.
    Yours sincerely
    Hon Bill Johnston MLA
    Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Energy; Industrial Relations
    1 1 FEB 2019



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