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    to the
    Honourable Mark McGowan MLA
    Minister for Public Sector Management;
    State Development, Jobs and Trade; Federal-State Relations

    Address: 5th Floor, Dumas House
    2 Havelock Street
    WEST PERTH Western Australia 6005

    Telephone: (08) 6552-5000
    Fax: (08) 6552-5001

    La Rochelle, France 11/12/ 2018

    Dear Sir,

    I regret to advise you that I will not be present at the 50th Anniversary of Telfer Mine Discovery, whose celebration is in the process of being organized by Newcrest and Newmont Mining Corporations. Indeed this important discovery was made by myself on
    the 14th of October 1970, as an independent mining prospector. I tackled on my own some 6 sheets of the Great Sandy Desert, i.e over 20 000 sq miles of that not forgiving land, and unearthed for Australia 3 major mines, Telfer, Nifty and Kintyre which
    are been running on for close to 50 years now.

    At the time, and this might be a kind tip as to the location of that famous Rooney show, which has been nagging so many for so long. in fact I had at the time at full load a max. range of 80 km/ day, and if I was lucky to be able to replenish my water
    supply at some rock hole, I could go on for three days without food, which is really of secondary importance. So, my real radius of action can be multiplied by three ! Another tip, is the description made by Lasseter matches exactly Rooney' s reef,
    however since Lasseter's location was never established, I will not assert that both are one and the same. Let's see if this information can help !!! ! Further I made 2 major base metal deposits somewhere else in the state, and the interesting point at
    this time, is that none of those to which I did specifically introduced mining companies were ever found. Newmont never claimed discovery of Nifty to which I introduced WMC (BHP) neither of Kintyre to which I introduced CRA. Therefore I claim those as my
    own till the end of time...

    I understand your extreme disappointment at my official rescission since as Premier of Western Australia you will have to be present, and wiil have no option but to deliver the appropriate discourse of praise to official discoverer Tyrwhitt, facing the
    Frauds, the Liars, the Thieves of Newmont & Newcrest, as weil as having to face the well documented forfeiture of your own WA Parliament & indeed of your Labour Party which on 7 occasions, (ref. Hansard) required a Royal Inquiry on the huge swindle by
    Newmont of thousands of shareholders of the straw company Narla Minerals Ltd, used by Newmont to shunt me, and which officially resold to Newmont the claims on the Pascale Hills sulphide body (as I called it) just for peanuts, pretending it was worthless.
    However it is beyond me to ever return to a country to which I contributed so greatly, and which in return expressed the most callous attitude to properly evacuate an history of courage and superior geological intelligence in field work, as proof all
    my discoveries in your country, which for a while I called mine. Many people further have claimed discovery of the Telfer mine, but the common point of those blokes is that all followed the locations indicated on my map and indeed entrusted along with
    approx 100 lbs of samples to Newmont Marble Bar manager, Bill Brook. I will come back to this, thanks to very last piece of that whole puzzle being supplied very recently.

    *Mr **Bob Sheppard*, archaeologist now, and at the time President of the Australian Prospectors' Union made a very thorough research on the real history of the discovery of the Telfer Mine, and wrote _*The Golden Rule; Gold and intrigue in the desert.
    The true story of the discovery of the Telfer gold mine*_. I suppose you have not read it, neither anyone in your W.A Parliament. I genuinely understand, this is type of story of which you have no reason to be proud indeed. This nearly 300 pages book is
    most likely full of unpleasantness, I suppose, but as yourself I never read it , not even opened it myself. Mr Bob Sheppard came over to visit me in 2015, and was received with honor at my home, and took it upon himself to read to me the very last page
    of that book, and it was a very emotional moment indeed! This was a moment when I discovered that some people had respect & gratitude for what I had accomplished for Australia. This has never been the case of your WA Parliament, of the WA Dpt of Mines,
    WA Dept of Justice, WA Dpt of Land, which did everything to deny, to calumny, to erase the souvenir of Jean-Paul Turcaud. In 2016, and 2017 I nearly died because of some bad habit contracted in Australia & previously in the Sahara : dehydration as
    drinking & feeding was never a concern of mine. This is a pity since it would have avoided you that letter, as well as to Newmont / Newcrest mining corporations. This very 2018, I received the visit of *Sir Peter Bridge, OAM*, (Order of Australia), the
    Editor of the *_Golden Rule_*, who came around to visit me. Presently, if you care to know, I have completely recovered, thanks to new way of life, I have been desperately researching for years. _*

    Now since neither of us have read *_The GOLDEN RULE by Bob Sheppard _*, it is my duty at this point in time, without further delay, to let you know of that late development which could not be related in *_The Golden Rule._* Two brave Kalgoolie blokes
    came forward and spoke to one WA mining personality, you might guess, and with great courage said, we are the Two Kalgoorlie prospectors hired by Newmont CEO to get more samples from the then Pascale Hills, as indicated on Turcaud's prospecting map.
    Allow me to praise those two old timers , and herewith thank them for their courage, and the possibility they gave me to finally understand what really happened. Even near on 50 years later, it is appreciated.

    Since I have plenty of time on my hand I will reconstruct the Newmont & Newcrest scam for your personal benefits. The chronology will be respected but as for the dates, you will have to report yourself to *_The Golden Rule of Mr Bob Sheppard.*_*

    *14th October discovery of Telfer mine, later of Nifty, and previous to this Kintyre.
    *Introduction to Newmont, to Anglo-American, to WMC and consecutive field trips, except for Newmont which I saw later again.
    *Learning that Newmont had gone behind my back, I complained to Newmont 's Marble Bar manager, who in turn arranged a meeting with Newmont hierarchy, headed by Newmont 's CEO Tyrwhitt, and supported with over half a dozen Newmont liars & thieves
    executives. There and then I was told that Newmont had found that Telfer mine deposits thanks to two Kalgoorlie prospectors. Nothing to see with the documents & gossans supplied to Newmont 's Marble Bar manager, Mr Bill Brook.
    *Following that meeting, senior geologist Bill Brook was sacked, and the Marble Bar exploration division of Newmont was closed.
    *Newmont then sent to the Paterson Range, where Telfer mine is located, some parties headed by junior geologist P. Koehn, and then by senior geologist R. Thomson. Both in turn were sacked since the final discoverer had to be Tyrwhitt, the WA official
    hero since nearly half century.
    *The story of the discovery had to be changed. It became ; *I spotted the site from the air and landed nearby in the desert to take samples* ref *_DESERT GOLD_*, official book on the discovery of Telfer Mine by Newmont.
    *Since I never relented and took lawyers in turn, Mr Mazza, Mr Canon, Mr John Picton Warlow, QC , at the end Newmont proposed an indenture to that last lawyer pending an agreement on my part that I would sign a false history of the discovery. I refused
    point blank.
    *Upon that point Newmont hired a straw company to cover their track, Narla Minerals Ltd, which carried out all proper exploration job on Newmont supervision, and later sold it to Newmont, for peanuts as I said. Indeed in its last official annual report
    before scuttling itself, Narla in brief affirmed that Telfer Mine was worth nothing at all.
    *Then there enters upon the stage the Hon T.D Evans, member for Kalgoorlie and Shadow Minister for Justice, who became aware of the whole scam, plus thanks to the CIB to some aspects unknown to me. 7 interventions in all in the WA Parliament demanding a
    Royal Inquiry on Newmont dealings & whealings. All those barred by the corrupt Premier Court & Minister for both Justice & Mines Mansaros. Upon this the Hon. T.D Evans promised that a soon as the Labour Party would regain power such Royal Inquiry would
    take place.
    *Upon hearing of this Newmont pulled out of the game and transferred all assets to a newly created for the occasion, the Newcrest Mining Corporation. Indeed that way it disappeared from the scene, just like vanishing like a ghost into a willy willy ...
    Concerned that may be such promised Royal Inquiry would catch the thieves & mining criminals they were indeed.
    *On my part , I decided to pass through Newmont HQ in NY on a visit to France, and there Newmont Chairman Malozemoff agreed to the Picton Warlow 's indenture, but as soon I had turned my heel a telegram caught me in La Rochelle, and said the agreement
    was no longer valid.
    *10 years later, from the time of discovery, I tried to enforce in NY that very same miserable agreement, with a local lawyer working on contingency fee basis. That chap finaly ended working for Newmont; and I agreed out of sheer despair to accept some
    miserable sum of money, the equivalent of the second-hand Land Rover I used in all my prospecting time.

    Hence the clair balance sheet has been for me
    For all more precise details please refer yourself to *_The Golden Rule_*

    Presently thanks to those good old timers, things have finally come to full circle. I am very pleased of that. I know the whole story, and I can die now.

    *Covering now rapidly some aspects of the organized conspiracy involving your WA corrupt departments *

    *The Land Department* saw that all names I gave to the different places I named in the, nameless then, Great Sandy Desert, were erased. Bad luck for those Civil servants bastards : Bwana Rock Hole, I named after the head of the Anglo American party,
    was my initiative. So is the Desert Queen Bath in the Rudall River, not far from an interesting nickel show. Those names are still there.

    *The Justice Department* refused both Federal and State legal aid to my lawyer of the time, Mr Picton-Warlow, QC, something same lawyer admitted to me had never happened.

    *The Mines Department* by his Director of Mines voiced his deep contempt for the richness I had brought to light for the whole of Australia, through blatant calumny : *Turcaud is at fault for not pegging the land and failing to find the gold.* That
    Newmont mole indeed, probably had never seen a base metal claim paper, where systematically gold, silver and a dozen other goodies are systematically mentionned. As for the claims issued, you know the story, all the more since Newmont was granted not
    claims but 11 reserves of 100 sq miles each!
    No thanks from any of those quarters indeed, as well as your WA Parliament, as well as not a cent from the greedy bastards of Newmont & Newcrest.

    Now all will argue on the statute of limitation pertaining to the case, but this is false, as you know it well, Sir. Indeed as the Hon. T.D Evans told me, in his quality of Shadow Minister for Justice, no statute of limitation can made to bear on a (
    promised) Royal Inquiry.

    This is now where our ways part, indeed the mass is said, and 50 years later we can both agree on a something evident. Newmont & Newcrest have achieved the perfect crime, but not alone indeed. Many complicit support were found especially thanks to your
    WA Parliament, and some of your WA civil servants.

    Yours faithfully

    *_Jean-Paul Turcaud _*/ Australia Mining Pioneer_
    Discoverer of Telfer Mine (Australia largest Copper & Gold Mine),
    Nifty (Cu) & Kintyre (U, Th) Mines, all in the Great Sandy Desert

    Exploration Geologist & Offshore Consultant / Founder of the True Geology

    *for background geology info.*

    THE GOLDEN RULE by Bob Sheppard http://www.chartandmapshop.com.au/2803433/The-Golden-Rule/9780859053112
    http://members.iimetro.com.au/~hubbca/turcaud.htm http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/backgroundbriefing/the-golden-riddle-finders-keepers/3557800#transcript
    True Geology Foundation document: http://www.americanchronicle.com/
    (not online anymore/removed on personal request)

    *for background engineering info (e.g.*)

    The Most Advanced Rail Road Transportation system https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QOSDuelw3s&feature=youtu.be

    /_Ignorance is the Cosmic Sin, the One never forgiven_/_/

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  • From Jean-Paul Turcaud@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 26 22:07:21 2018

    The interest might be shifting elsewhere to deep sea mining, or rather recovery of deep sea unconsolidated sedimentation !
    Yep !

    Plenty of goodies down below.


    Cheers JP

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  • From Jean-Paul Turcaud@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 31 17:51:31 2018
    Best wishes, mates. for the New Year 2019

    I lift my glass of Ruinart Champagne to your health & well being



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