• Wow....that was a ride....

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    On Wednesday, 30 July 2008 01:51:42 UTC+1, asherart wrote:
    Hi guys... I haven't chimed in here in a loooong time. I just happened
    to be in the Valley today (took my 85 year old dad to the Sepulveda VA clinic), so I was there for this shaker. We were on the second floor.
    It was a rolling motion, not jerky at all where we were. Just as it
    seemed to be going on a little too long for my comfort it stopped. (I
    was so proud of myself for not running out of the building and into
    the parking lot, as I probably would have done a few years
    back ...Sylmar and Northridge veteran here!)

    Drove back to Tehachapi (about 160 or so frwy miles away) and some
    folks in town (flat valley area) said they felt it, and most the
    neighbors we talked to here in Bear Valley (bedrock mountains) did not
    feel it.

    Just thought I would check in... I started checking into this
    newsgroup after the 94 Northridge quake, and at that time I considered
    the info here to be my solid rock!

    Terri from Tehachapi


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