• Mass and vibration.

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    It is hard to understand why the Millennial Prize for Smoothness has not been claimed by accomplished academia, with the understanding Tesla stated: frequency and mass are the same
    I am not bullshitting: https://www.jakeducey.com/blog/law-of-attraction/energy-frequency/ talking about the speed of light and throwing in a few self evident quotes dressed as mystical philosophies.

    I am discussing the idea that mass translates directly as acoustics:
    The Navier–Stokes existence and smoothness problem concerns the mathematical properties of solutions to the Navier–Stokes equations, a system of partial differential equations that describe the motion of a fluid in space. https://en.wikipedia.org/

    Around the time the USA declared it had developed the Neutron weapon:
    The neutron bomb was conceived in the United States in the 1950s and first tested in the 1960s. Also during the 1970s, the neutron bomb was considered by some American military planners to have a convenient deterrent effect: discouraging an armoured
    ground invasion of western Europe A bomb to annihilate Warsaw Pact tank crews without destroying its own cities or irradiating its own population. https://www.britannica.com/technology/neutron-bomb

    What might they be discussing?
    The TzaraBomba was a large hydrogen bomb packed with Lithium Hydride detonated in the atmosphere by the USSR following likely research at Oakridge, USA into the use of lithium as a means of transporting Heavy Hydrogen.

    All supposition but truths tend to be self evident. When you don't know something, you can expand what you do know with wild guesses, then remove the impossible to reduce impossibilities to their minimum.

    Once you reject the most improbable, all that is left to consider is the probable. Logical?
    The bonus is that you have still got all the ideas originally suggested by the finest boffins.

    Coincidentally this was the same time frame the John Hutchinson was discovering some of the phenomena that his collection of Tesla kit was producing. The canadians told donald rumsfeld about it and rumsfeld, the head of the cia, arranged to steal it with
    all his property and seal off his premises.

    Two more things and you're home.
    Lithium is a massive ion donator in nuclear reactions and
    The heating of the atmosphere from nuclear tests causes Sudden Stratospheric Heating reactions in the ionosphere that have a period between one and two years.

    So how does this connect to acoustics?
    There is obviously a carrier sound wave with the passing of solar satellites. We don't know what causes it, its coincident reaction with the solar atmosphere is circumstantial. (See Space Weather.)

    If you have ever stood over a bridge to watch the approach of an express train you will have observed the phenomenon of a carrier wave. As the vehicle approaches it seems to do so quietly, then the atmosphere changes dramatically with excitement as the
    train passes with the weight of many tons all hitting the substrate directly beneath the train. The agitation lasts well after the train disappears into the distance, leaving behind an hole in its passing that contains most of the audio of its vibration.

    The same phenomena applies to a tornado. A vast amount of air travels through the tube of a tornado, it contains air at the same density but of two radically different temperatures and the effect is to prevent the transmission of light.

    From a post on Gab:
    They short changed me with the North Atlantic charts too. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/maps-and-charts/surface-pressure
    Problems with home computers coming.

    I save copies of these charts religiously. A page refresh brings up the first in the run The Analysis Chart from which the others are subject to Artificial Intelligent Interpretation (the model run.) Today for the first time ever, it opened the last
    chart in the run, the one for 5 days time. That was odd but then there is this ...again:

    I love these corrections in BIG FRIENDLY RED LETTERS they indicate a problem with the planet. If it gets warm, it means a quake. If it gets cold it means a volcanic eruption.

    Then there is this: Solar System: Thursday 2023 Nov 30. Venus and Earth are just pulling into alignment with Jupiter while Venus and Mercury align with the sun. Which brings us back to the moon: https://www.fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/Solar.

    It is +28° above the horizon (near maximum declination north.)
    The sun is -21° 33 below, also near its max declination (winter/south) they are over 40 degrees apart. It won't happen again for ages.

    I think there is a chance of a large eruption Popocatepetl and Nevado del Ruis probably, then Etna.

    There is so much interesting stuff on here that the meteorologist are not seeing and it annoys me like mad. The compression like "moire" where the interactions of the different geography shows up on the corrected chart for instance it blows me away. They
    fail because they do not have Jehovah's blessing. All they had to do was ask but instead they are working with Jehovah's bad spirit.

    the compression takes place over Russia I think Kamchatka and the Aleutians rather than South America. Unfortunately I have little idea which volcanoes produce the same frequencies over that region.
    Beg the master of the harvest to send more workers into the field:
    OK Jehovah please send some my way if you think I can deal with them, this time.
    Thanks through your son etcetera etcetera.

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