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    Here is "Tahlequah : OrcaSong" by David Lumley (c) 2018, 2022.


    It is inspired by a BC Southern Resident matriarch Tahlequah
    who gave birth to a baby Tali who died shortly after birth and
    was carried by her mother on her nose for 17 days.

    David Lumley is a geophysicist now based in Texas but with a
    summer home in British Columbia. We shared an office
    for a while when we were both graduates students in the
    Department of Geophysics and Astronomy at
    The University of British Columbia.

    His Facebook page is www.facebook.com/prof.lumley .

    At the end the video says that this song is available free of
    charge to non-profit organizations, nature conservancies,
    whale and marine science foundations, and others, for use
    in non-profit activities, websites, videos, fundraising, etc..
    Please contact David Lumley for further information.
    (I guess via his Facebook page.)

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