• 5G Networks and Protein Spike Deaths

    From Weatherlawyer@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jan 17 02:09:52 2022
    If the apparatus used in "Weather Control" used to produce the dustification of water, is some form of microwave, it will explain both the deaths of athletes and the incidence of storms in the so called: "Red States".

    it will explain the deaths of athletes:

    If it is supplied by telecommunications using modern 5G Networks these athletes will be the ones that are having the Cackcine Injections and living closest to 5G microwave communication towers.

    Likely too, they will have suffered dermatitis-like effects as the skin reacts to such attacks. Might they be persons with oily skins?

    Alternatively persons with dry skins are the more likely to notice dandruff accumulation following each Covid outbreak they endured before death.

    Maybe they were literally being cooked with iron nono particulate spikes in the cack delivered by doctors. I am not an hairdresser and thus have no access to likely information but the statistics speak loudly enough to demand investigation.

    Do they not?
    Would likely victims suspect they live near such towers if their skin itches and their testicles fall off or menstrual periods accelerate?

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