• What Secrets will be Uncovered at Champlain Towers South Collapse S

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    What Secrets will be Uncovered at Champlain Towers South Collapse Site?
    We look at its Foundation.

    IIRC the diurnal tide of the land mass involved is more than 2mm each day, thus the building is liable to compaction once or twice each day, depending on the tides in the region. (I think it could be once a day where the sea rises 3 feet daily. In
    Britain it varies twice daily over 6 to 30 feet a fortnight.)

    The bangs and cracks reported on another Youtube channel are reminiscent of the explosions heard in the demolition of the World Trade Center.

    I am not a nice man; I should have asked to be made loving rather than wise, since I am only an empty drum without love. That does not mean you can afford to ignore me. This shit will be uncovered all over the earth, everywhere where reinforced
    concrete has been employed, the cost to the rulers responsible will mean the banks and insurance companies will be desolate as foretold in the Book of Revelation.

    If you want to know what is happening in the book of Revelation, I suggest you consult your friendly neighbourhood Jehovah's Witnesses. Or the stuff Weatherlawyer/Michael McNeil has posted online:

    Just thought:
    the building is liable to compaction once or twice each day,
    the solid-earth tides in Florida... this is stupid and sounds childish but don't let me stop you watching it https://www.floridastudents.org/PreviewResource/StudentResource/174763

    So is this: https://digitalcommons.usf.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1250&context=geo_facpub as the tides in Washington State are semi-diurnal in that they have one low tide and one high tide each day. I don't have a Browns Nautical Almanack these days but if
    you can find an old copy it is worth reading the stuff in the back.

    The tides rising and lowering 2mm each day will bup out 2mm of water each day. The copation inherent with it might lead to an errorof pumping and consolidation over years. All this relates to the weather during the time of the generation of the Haitian
    earthquake on 12 January 2010(?) which can be found from the Met Office if you like hard work.

    Any honest people on here besides me?

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