• The reason for the 5.5M. background

    From Weatherlawyer@21:1/5 to All on Sat Oct 31 21:37:23 2020
    On the 31stof October 2020 meteorological charts:
    Imagine all these "Polar points (cyclone eyes) are reflections of the solar system's inner planets; that would be the resolution of the n-body problem and quite rightfully what the ancients declared Meteors as in Meteorology. Something that astrologers
    have claimed all along and that meteorologists have denied since the invention of meteorology.

    Venus Earth Mars almost straight line
    Mercury and Uranus inline and Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in lines how good does it get?

    Whatever the resolution of these resolutions are going to be a classic volcanic eruption. Notice the words correction in big friendly red letters.
    Please don't deny yourself the pleasure of watching this development.

    Now imagine how often this is repeated out in the wider black yonder.

    How many billions of home stars can you imagines god has designed to give us n the eternity ahead?
    And how many varieties of futures will they present. The gamut of what Adam to Noah might have enjoyed with in all eternally. That's if we win the war of Armageddon of course.

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