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    Some time ago I used to post warnings for them but then the method failed. I am assuming that it is back on tap:

    Parallel fronts from a deep Icelandic Low following the dissipation of a severe tropical storm.

    Nothing showing on the early BoM charts some (more tropical weather on the way at the far end of it.) And the North Atlantic full of mice and various other fronts. My guess where?

    The Aleutians or Chile -but that front from here to Mexico is back... So...

    Anyway the Virgin Islands and whatever will be getting a regular showing in the NEIC lists (unless that has changed with Googlification) otherwise... well you would have to ask for below Mag 4.5 or whatever the bar is there these days.

    The triples will be just a couple of high 4's and an high 5 or low 6 or three mediums of 5.2 to 5.5. I think that's how it went.

    Well, it's now or never with the triples. The NWS is forecasting tornadic activity but I can't see it from yesterday's North Atlantic charts:

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    Along with the parallelism of the isobars around Antarctic, there is another way to forecast tropical storms and give a good approximate of their severity and that is the time lapse between earthquakes.

    The last one showing on the SED list at the time of writing (21:46 on 16 December 2013) was: 12:38 of 26 December 2013 a 5.2 Mb quake in PNG. That's 8 hours ago. I think the name calling starts at 12 hours and goes up in Beaufort Saffir Simpson steps
    every three hours more thereafter.

    (I have only just remembered the idea and may have forgotten bits of it. But I do have cramps again so that means volcanic eruptions or tornadoes, IIRC.)

    OK that's me out of this thread until I can come back crowing.

    Or eating crow. If there is going to be a major earthquake along with alienation of weather forecasts, electronic apparatus tends to fail (which along with the propensity for people who suffer weather related illnesses to dehydrate is probably the
    reason why traffic accidents occur and ships and aircraft close land a little previously. (Badly run mines ditto.))

    It turns out my computer won't update an open page even if the computer has rebooted. The SED page was stuck for a while on 26 December and now the BoM weather chart won't go past last night (when Bruce or Amara hit Australia and deceased.)

    I can't remember which is which, Bruce or Amara: http://weather.unisys.com/hurricane/s_indian/2013/index.php
    But the both made Cat 4 and they both occurred more or less at the same time and in more or less the same place. But one is due at Africa and the other has hit Australia.

    There should be something to show for the transmutation. It's usually an extra strong earthquakes but with the USA covered in anticyclone it is more likely to be an ice storm or tornadic event there. (They usually take the place of earthquakes for some
    reason I am not sure of.)

    I can't understand what tornadoes are supposed to accomplish except signal a deep dissatisfaction with monoculturalists and people who profit from concentration camps. But I am presuming wild injuns didn't have the same problems with them in the good
    old days.

    Tornadoes just seem malevolent to me. But I dare say many people get the same impression about earthquakes and volcanoes. Maybe they signal what is there the way earthquakes and volcanoes show what the planet contains.

    How would I search for a page dealing with excavations of tornado tracks? (Don't all shout at once.) ((Ooh! >>> "excavations of tornado tracks"))

    You'd think Weather Underground might know wouldn't you.
    Ho hum.
    To think I got up early for this.

    Warm oppressive weather and instability. As if Lagrangian points are unstable.
    So why is it the complete opposite for Volcanoes?
    (Freezing weather here and strong winds everywhere.
    And why don't earthquakes like anticyclones?
    They occur readily enough in the Aleutians when high pressure steps off the plate.

    Well it's cold here now. We had a freezing morning and a fog on Boxing day but the 27th was mild with a warmish night. So no frost (yet.)

    http://ds.iris.edu/seismon/zoom/?view=eveday&lon=112&lat=0 http://ds.iris.edu/seismon/index.phtml

    06-JUL-2020 22:54 5.64 S. 110.68 E. 6.6M. JAVA SEA

    06-JUL-2020 21:01 12.54 N. 140.31 E. 5.1M. W. CAROLINE ISLANDS, MICRONESIA 11265984
    07-JUL-2020 01:20 12.23 N. 140.21 E. 4.7M. W. CAROLINE ISLANDS, MICRONESIA 11266087
    06-JUL-2020 18:16 12.05 N. 140.25 E. 6.2M.55 W. CAROLINE ISLANDS, MICRONESIA

    I have yet to plumb the how and the why of it but since there are no coincidences, I can't say any more but this:
    Lake Coeur d'Alene Midair Collision 5 July 2020

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