• May 2021: Arc seaice 12.55 mn km2 #9/43; Ant 10.33 =26; Tot 22.99 #13:

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    NASA Realtime has updated its sat survey of polar seaice to the end of
    May 2021.

    It finds Arctic ice extent averaged 12.66 mn km2 for the month,
    ranking the month as the 9th smallest since sat surveys began in 1979.

    Antarctic seaice extent avgd 10.33 mn km2 which ranks 26th for the
    region, tying with.2001 and the infamous C20 super El Nino year 1998.

    Total seaice for the month averaged around 22.99 mn km2 ranking 13th
    lowest of the 44 years of modern records.

    The various top 10 lists are now:

    year, mo, data-type, region, extent, area
    2016, 5, Goddard, N, 11.92, 10.25
    2019, 5, Goddard, N, 12.19, 10.50
    2018, 5, Goddard, N, 12.23, 10.81
    2020, 5, Goddard, N, 12.34, 10.51
    2015, 5, Goddard, N, 12.47, 10.90
    2006, 5, Goddard, N, 12.52, 10.45
    2004, 5, Goddard, N, 12.56, 10.92
    2017, 5, Goddard, N, 12.63, 11.01
    2021, 5, NRTSI-G, N, 12.66, 10.82 <-- new #9
    2011, 5, Goddard, N, 12.68, 10.74

    year, mo, data-type, region, extent, area
    2019, 5, Goddard, S, 8.85, 6.84
    1980, 5, Goddard, S, 8.86, 6.44
    2017, 5, Goddard, S, 9.01, 6.83
    1986, 5, Goddard, S, 9.30, 7.04
    2018, 5, Goddard, S, 9.32, 7.15
    1981, 5, Goddard, S, 9.35, 7.08
    2006, 5, Goddard, S, 9.46, 7.20
    2002, 5, Goddard, S, 9.51, 7.18
    1983, 5, Goddard, S, 9.53, 7.16
    1988, 5, Goddard, S, 9.60, 7.23
    2021, 5, NRTSI-G, S, 10.33, 8.15 <-- new #28

    year, mo, data-type, region, extent, area
    2019, 5, Goddard, N+S 21.04 17.34
    2018, 5, Goddard, N+S 21.55 17.96
    2017, 5, Goddard, N+S 21.64 17.84
    2006, 5, Goddard, N+S 21.98 17.65
    2016, 5, Goddard, N+S 22.02 18.16
    2020, 5, Goddard, N+S 22.21 18.12
    2007, 5, Goddard, N+S 22.43 18.31
    2002, 5, Goddard, N+S 22.48 18.34
    1980, 5, Goddard, N+S 22.65 17.4
    1986, 5, Goddard, N+S 22.68 17.74
    2011, 5, Goddard, N+S 22.77 18.59
    1990, 5, Goddard, N+S 22.95 18.36
    2021, 5, NRTSI-G, N+S 22.99 18.97 <-- new #13

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