• EU: emissions down 4% in 2019

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    EU's greenhouse gas emissions fell by nearly 4% in 2019, data shows
    Fiona Harvey, The Guardian via Carbon Brief
    EU greenhouse gas emissions fell by 3.8% in 2019, according to new
    data from the European Environment Agency, the Guardian reports. This
    brings EU emissions to 24% below 1990 levels - "or 26% if carbon sinks
    are taken into account" - according to the paper. It adds that about
    80% of the reduction is from the heat and power sector, but that
    emissions from transport continued to rise. In other European news,
    Politico reports that EU agricultural ministers "failed to reach an
    agreement with MEPs on the Common Agricultural Reform (CAP)" after a
    week of negotiations. Politico reports in a separate piece that "EU
    govts showed their true colours on reforming the bloc's mammoth
    farm policy this week - and that colour's not green." Meanwhile, the
    Financial Times reports that ETS prices have more than doubled
    compared with pre-pandemic levels, and notes that this "presents a
    problem for airlines" in the EU. EurActiv reports that the EU's
    upcoming carbon border levy is "causing tensions with Beijing, which
    expressed `grave concern' over the European Commission's
    plan". Meanwhile, the Times reports that, according to the the UK's
    environment secretary, imports to the UK from highly polluting
    countries "could face new taxes". Bloomberg also notes that the UK is considering a carbon border tax "to protect domestic industry".
    Energy Monitor carries a piece on the "gargantuan task" of
    decarbonising European steel. And the Guardian reports that France is
    embarking on a "culture shift" to a less meat intensive diet -
    including removing meat from the menu in schools for at least one day
    per week. According to the paper, the proposals "have sparked uproar
    and howls of outrage among the traditionalists of French cuisine, but
    have been welcomed by many young people".

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    9 Jul 2021 NOAA bn Dollar Disasters Q2

    [Whatever happened to...:]
    July 31, 1952, "Flying Saucer" / UFO Press Conference with Maj. Gen. John A. Samford and Donald Keyhoe
    The Black Vault, 31 May 2021 14:07Z
    Background This film reel is of a press conference held by the Air Force to address the rash of UFO sightings over Washington ... <https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/july-31-1952-flying-saucer-ufo-press-conference-with-maj-gen-john-a-samford-and-donald-keyhoe/>

    Victorian authorities concerned about COVID transmission through 'fleeting' encounters
    ABC News, 31 May 2021 at 10:57pm
    Victorian authorities say they are concerned about transmission of
    COVID-19 through "fleeting" encounters, as the state records 3 new
    locally acquired cases of the virus.
    [There were another 9 covid cases detected in the past 24 hrs bringing
    the total in the community to 54. Another 5000 people are in
    isolation awaiting test results. Officials say unlike other spikes
    this time covid is being passed on by very fleeting contacts with
    strangers. The govt says it still hasn't decided whether the Victoria lock-down will need to be extended past Thu].

    No exact figure on how many aged care workers are vaccinated, minister says
    ABC News, 31 May 2021 at 11:08pm
    Richard Colbeck says just over 31,000 aged care workers nationally are fully vaccinated, but the govt is not sure exactly how many have had the jab.
    [It turns out the fed govy is quietly "doing a survey" trying to get
    some hard figures from its own facilities. Mealth Min Hunt was forced
    into a connection in Question Time after he said at a press conference
    "only 6" federal aged-care facilities had not received any vaccine.
    In the House he revised the number up to 21].

    'You wouldn't put a cycle path on the airport': Concerns over Canberra
    seaplane plan
    ABC News, 01 Jun 2021 03:44Z
    Canberra's largest sailing club is pushing back against a proposal for seaplanes to land on Lake Burley Griffin, saying it could put their members' safety at risk.

    Mysteries of the universe? Utah researchers join project to unlock enigma
    of 'dark energy'
    KSL.com, 31 May 2021 15:12Z
    Salt Lake City. Researchers from the University of Utah are joining forces
    with others for a universal five-year project that seeks to map the universe and ...

    Former Trump advisor Michael Flynn said the US should have a coup like
    Myanmar, where the military overthrew the democratically elected govt
    Yahoo News, 31 May 2021
    Michael Flynn, who served as President Donald Trump's national security advisor, told a crowd at a QAnon conference in Dallas this weekend that the US ...

    UK Covid cases up by 3,383 as daily cases rise by more than 3000 for
    sixth day in row
    newscon.net, 31 May 2021 18:11Z
    Britain reported 3,383 new Covid cases on Mon, figures show - the sixth
    day in a row daily infections have topped 3,000.
    [Most new cases are Indian variant].

    Study blames climate change for 37% of global heat deaths
    The Associated Press, 31 May 2021 18:10Z
    More than one-third of the world's heat deaths each year are due directly to global warming, according to the latest study to calculate the human cost of climate ...

    'Wandering meatloaf' creature has teeth of iron
    Livescience.com, 31 May 2021 19:09Z
    A weird mollusk, affectionately known as the "wandering meatloaf," has teeth made of a rare iron mineral, previously found only along rocky coastlines, a new ...

    [3-child Policy:]
    China introduces three-child policy in response to ageing population
    ABC News, 31 May 2021 07:42Z
    China announces that each couple will be permitted to have up to 3
    children, a major policy shift from the existing limit of two, after recent data showed a dramatic decline in births in the world's most populous country.

    `Too much of a burden': Chinese couples react to three-child policy
    The Guardian, 31 May 2021 19:03Z
    China has announced that couples will be permitted to have up to 3
    children. What do couples think of the policy change?

    [Waste not, want not:]
    US Special Forces in Cambodia Observed 'Alien Humanoids' Gathering Human
    Body Parts
    Phantoms and Monsters, 31 May 2021 17:20Z
    A US Special Forces team, on a covert assignment in Tong Li Sap, Cambodia, encountered several alien humanoids gathering and ...

    NT introduces 'day 17 test' to prevent a repeat of Victoria's COVID outbreak ABC News, 31 May 2021 09:02Z
    Victoria's coronavirus outbreak and repeated breaches of hotel quarantine
    spur a new testing requirement in the Northern Territory, with some arrivals directed to get tested even after they complete quarantine interstate.

    Poacher thought to have killed 70 endangered tigers captured in Bangladesh
    ABC News, 31 May 2021 15:01Z
    Bangladesh police arrest a notorious poacher wanted for 20 years. He is believed to have killed around 70 endangered Bengal tigers.

    Germany demands answers after new spy claims rock Europe
    ABC News, 31 May 2021 17:00Z
    Denmark stands accused of allegedly helping the United States to spy on
    other European nations, and those nations now want answers.

    [Too Big To Cancel!]
    'In deep trouble': This is why Japan's govt can't just cancel the Olympics
    ABC News, 31 May 2021 18:00Z
    While some regions of Japan are struggling with an influx of serious coronavirus cases, Tokyo has so far kept a tentative grip on its outbreak.
    But in 3 weeks, 1000s of foreign athletes will descend on a city
    holding its breath.

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