• [Web Feed] Semi-hypothetical question about GenX concentrations in the

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    ..tlet of a contaminated river.

    I often go to the coastal area in North Carolina near where the cape fear river empties into the Atlantic. The river is known to contain potentially dangerous levels of GenX as a result of leakage from an upstream industrial site.

    I would like to make a pound or two of sea salt from water collected a few miles away from that river outlet. However, making salt greatly concentrates heavy metals, plastics, PFOAs and other solids that may be present in the water. For this reason, it
    would be unwise to make salt from water knowingly contaminated with some unwanted solid.

    So here's my question: Do I need to be concerned about making salt from the local sea water since it is so close to the contaminated river outlet, or is the river water so diluted by that point that it doesn't matter? I don't really know how to think
    about how dilution would take place at this kind of scale.

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