• Video shows Nevada rangers plow through eco-warrior blockade near Burni

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    Shocking video footage making the rounds on social media shows Nevada
    rangers allegedly plowing through a blockade set up by climate protestors
    on the road to Burning Man.

    The footage shows six demonstrators, reportedly from Seven Circles and Extinction Rebellion, blocking the road with a trailer as part of the environmental activists’ demands that Burning Man — an annual festival in Nevada — ban private jets and single-use plastics.

    The groups might now also want to ban police vehicles ramming through
    their makeshift site.

    Rangers from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police Department of Nevada
    can be seen plowing straight through the blockade and arresting

    One cop can be seen drawing his weapon and threatening to shoot a
    demonstrator as screams are heard.

    “Words fail. Words utterly fail. Today a police truck PLOWED INTO a
    peaceful climate blockade. These are the people “entrusted” to keep us
    safe. These are the people we have granted a monopoly on the use of force.
    How is this ok?” @ClimateDefiance commented on social media site X
    (formerly Twitter).

    The group refers to itself on X as a “brand-new, youth-led group using
    direct action to resist fossil fuels.”

    “Nevada rangers drove directly into a blockade set up by climate
    protestors on the road to Burning Man. An officer pulled a gun out,
    tackling a protestor and threatening to shoot. Environmental activists
    were demanding that #BurningMan ban private jets + single-use plastics,”
    said X user @MichelleLhooq, who shared the video footage.

    The climate-change and anti-capitalist activists blocked the main road to
    the festival, according to U.K.-based The Independent, causing traffic
    chaos on Sunday.

    Their protests were aimed at the “popularization of Burning Man among
    affluent people who do not live the stated values of Burning Man,
    resulting in the commodification of the event,” according to the New York

    Burning Man is an annual art and self-expression event that takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

    https://torontosun.com/news/world/video-shows-nevada-rangers-plow-through- eco-warrior-blockade-near-burning-man#comments

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