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    Hi everyone!! What would you do if you feel invisible or hated at work? This is my 3rd week of training but I don’t feel like I learned anything. I originally applied for an Environmental Tech position and on my first day I was told that I would be “
    cross training” with field and some admin job. I said okay because I thought that learning new things would help me and my future career too. Out of these 21 days, I went out on field training 2 days and the rest was in the office feeling uncomfortable
    because the girl who supposed to train me (let’s name her Jenny) doesn’t talk or teach me anything. She seems like the one with anger issues because she would get mad and scream out loud when the scanner or internet is slow. She doesn’t train me,
    doesn’t talk to me, doesn’t let me do anything, and the only thing she had me do was running errands for her. Jenny was working with another girl who was quitting when I was hired and she seemed to talk, joke, and laugh a lot (3 of us work together
    for a couple days) but after working with me, she acts like I’m not existing. Jenny would get pissed when I ask her questions about work or ask her if she needs help. The work environment seems very toxic. The manager doesn’t talk/train me. She just
    let Jenny do whatever she wants with me. I was excited when I got an offer and willing to drive 2ish hours front and back for this position but it doesn’t turn out well. I just want to quit on my training week. If you were me, what would you do? Thanks
    for reading this long and stressful post :D

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