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    Cllimate is a-changin' and we're in for a ride like none we've ever experienced..........
    1. Climate is always changing, that is the nature of climate.

    2. A northward progression of the grain belt increases arable land.

    3. Far less people die of heat than from freezing.

    4. ONLY the sun can materially increase the earth's heating.


    Item 1 is true.

    Yes it is, and as climate migrates north/south and east/west there will
    always be local adjustments. That's the nature of our fluid atmosphere.

    However, the overriding issues are that (a) humanity may not be able to adapt to rapid changes which are attributable to (b) human

    production of carbon emissions, particularly from the burning of fossil fuels but not limited to just that activity.

    These changes are neither human driven nor rapid. In fact the most rapid
    change right now is magnetic polar migration caused by the abrupt
    weakening of the magnetosphere, which again is not remotely cause dby
    human activity.

    I've already

    provided you with corroboration the scientific community (i.e. NAS and NASA) regards warming climate as a significant threat. Check

    with the AAAS or the U.K.'s RAS for additional information, if you like.

    All the fake news you can consume will never be enough for anyone who understands that this is a negative feedback loop, CLOSED system!

    That means that any increase in cloudiness will over time lead to global cooling and ultimately an ice age.

    Enjoy. It's coming.

    Item 2 ignores the impact of extreme weather which comes in tow with quickly changing climate. (i.e. the heat and drought that

    destroys crops along with destructive flooding, hail, migration Northward of pests in tandem with Northward trending extneded growing > seasons, catastrophic wind events and so on)

    Extreme weather is simply a tip of the hand that an ice age is near.

    You need to spend some time studying the upper air charts and grasp the perturbations in the long wave pattern.

    For every cropland impacted at lower latitudes, more cropland at higher latitudes is opened up to tillage.

    As for item 3: these links provide more accurate information and relevant projections



    Cold deaths vastly outweigh heat deaths. This is common knowledge in the academic literature and for instance the Lancet finds that each year,
    almost 600,000 people die globally from heat but 4.5 million from cold.

    Moreover, when the researchers include increasing temperatures of 0.26°C/decade (0.47°F/decade), they find heat deaths increase, but cold deaths decrease more than twice as much:



    Researchers analyzed data on heat- and cold-related injuries that
    required a hospital visit in the state between 2011 and 2018. They
    identified around 24,000 cases each related to the cold and to heat.

    Of those, there were 1,935 cold-related deaths and 70 heat-related ones.
    The cold caused 94% of temperature-related deaths, even though
    hypothermia (a drop in the body's core temperature) was responsible for
    only 27% of temperature-related hospital visits.

    The University of Illinois Chicago study was recently published in the
    journal Environmental Research.

    "With the decrease in the number of cold weather days over the last
    several decades, we still see more deaths due to cold weather as opposed
    to hot weather," said study author Lee Friedman, an associate professor
    of environmental and occupational health sciences.

    Bottom line: Whether it is true or not that more people die from extreme cold or heat,

    Oh it's PROVEN that cold kills more than heat, the rest of your mincing propagandist bullshit is DELETED!

    You scumsucking disinformation whore!

    Say, didn't you used to go by Mr. N @Seattledemocracy.org?

    The witless leftarded rhetoric is a dead on match.

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