• New York Developers Rush to Reduce Emissions as Hefty Fines Loom

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    NY symbolizes the American decline.

    Besides, Americans are known to be forced shit eaters.

    | .. pork (60%), beef (70%), chicken (80%) and turkey (90%).
    | .. most of the meat is contaminated with feces ..
    | <https://archive.is/hC4yV>

    Most of the popular foods common Americans buy in supermarkets
    are contaminated with fecal masses. It's so not only because of
    their poor hygiene. It's also because of the aging / crumbling
    infrastructure: the worn sewer pipes are leaking and the leakage
    is mixing with tap water, which eventually contributes to foods.

    Add to this the fact that almost all drinking water sources in
    the US are contaminated with so called "forever chemicals" or
    PFAS <https://archive.is/aQd8c>. Thus about 2/3 of the American
    population drink water with PFAS exceeding unsafe concentration <https://archive.is/eGlK8>.

    There's little talk about that, but these facts are truly real.

    Add to this the American lead pipes. About 10% of tap water in
    the US is still supplied through ancient lead pipes, and dozens
    of millions of Americans drink this water. The worst thing is
    that local authorities often don't even know for sure how many
    lead pipes are in use in their locality and where exactly they
    reside <https://archive.is/19lPH>. Moreover about half million
    American schools and childcare facilities get tap water through
    lead pipes <https://archive.is/k49K3>. Lead is known to affect
    human brain, which explains the increasing American stupidity.

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