• India - Birds Now Dropping From Skies due to Escalating Heat Wave

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    Birds ‘fall from the sky’ as India’s blistering heatwaves

    Schools are also told to suspend uniforms, adjust classroom
    hours and ensure teachers can administer first aid for pupils
    with heatstroke

    Animal rescuers in Gujarat, the home state of India’s premier,
    Narendra Modi, say thousands of birds have fallen from the sky
    during a succession of blistering heatwaves, as Indian schools
    begin classes earlier to avoid peak mid-day temperatures.

    Doctors in an animal hospital in the city of Ahmedabad managed
    by an NGO, Jivdaya Charitable Trust, were seen feeding dozens
    of birds with multi-vitamin tablets and injecting water into
    their mouths on Wednesday as temperatures in Gujarat exceeded 46C.

    . . .

    And it's only mid-May.

    OK ... this seems to be a trend. Whether it's "global" warming or
    just a regional shift in weather patterns, it is becoming obvious
    that the time could soon come when most of India is uninhabitable
    by humans, and a lot of the wildlife too.

    So THEN what ? Where will they all go ? We're talking maybe a
    BILLION people on the move - makes the Ukraine exodus a drop
    in the proverbial bucket.

    Tibet ? China owns that and China and India don't get along
    very well. Might not be able to grow much FOOD there either.

    Maybe Australia ,,,

    Big oil !!

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