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    Boeing Co
    NYSE:BOEING - 15 Nov, 3:03 pm GMT-5
    233.35 +12.39 (5.61%) *** up 5.6% ***

    Nikkei 225
    TYO:NIKKEI - 15 Nov, 3:00 pm GMT+9 <== Nikkei
    29,776.80 +166.83 (0.56%) up

    All Ordinaries
    ASX:ALL ORDS - 15 Nov, 5:11 pm AEDT <== All Ords
    7,798.20 +32.40 (0.42%) up

    INDEXDB: DAX - 15 Nov, 5:55 pm GMT+1 <== DAX
    16,148.64 +54.57 (0.34%) up

    Dow Jones Industrial Average
    NYSE:DJIA INDEX - 15 Nov, 3:04 pm GMT-5 <== DJIA
    36,088.10 -12.21 (0.03%) even

    AGL Energy Limited
    ASX:AGL - 15 Nov, 4:10 pm AEDT
    5.30 -0.08 (1.49%) *** down 1.5% ***

    Whitehaven Coal Ltd
    ASX:WHC - 15 Nov, 4:10 pm AEDT
    2.44 -0.04 (1.61%) *** down 1.6% ***

    PHX Energy Services Corp
    TSE:PHX - 15 Nov, 2:45 pm GMT-5
    4.70 -0.19 (3.89%) *** down 3.9% ***

    Peabody Energy Corporation
    NYSE:BTU - 15 Nov, 3:02 pm GMT-5
    10.62 -0.94 (8.13%) *** down 8.1% ***

    Nations reach climate deal at COP26 after compromise on coal
    ABC News, 13 Nov 2021 20:19Z
    Government negotiators from nearly 200 countries have adopted a new deal on climate action after a last-minute intervention by India to water down the language on cutting emissions from coal.

    Report: 3 dead, over 500 hospitalized in Egypt from heavy storms and
    scorpion stings
    USA TODAY, 14 Nov 2021 21:56Z

    Forbes residents told to prepare for flooding as deluge swells river to more than 10 metres
    ABC Central West, 13 Nov 2021 20:18Z
    Rain keeps pouring and floods worsen for parts of New South Wales,
    threatening similar levels to the disastrous 2016 floods.

    Doctors warn of highly-contagious virus that could become a global threat
    to children
    WSB Atlanta, 14 Nov 2021 0:41Z

    Europe Sees Biggest Weekly Increase in COVID-19 Cases, Even In Countries
    With High Vaccine Rates; Weather Playing a Role
    The Weather Channel, 13 Nov 2021

    Oklahoma National Guard rejects Pentagon's coronavirus vaccine mandate
    Yahoo News, 13 Nov 2021 17:37Z

    3 snow leopards killed by COVID at Lincoln Children's Zoo in Nebraska
    New York Post, 13 Nov 2021 21:36Z

    Food banks struggle to feed hungry Americans
    RT, 14 Nov 2021 02:39Z

    Hackers sent spam emails from FBI accounts, agency confirms
    NPR, 14 Nov 2021 02:36Z

    [Too Critical Of Da Guvmint!]
    PM defends Senate ABC inquiry, Ita Buttrose says it's an attempt to 'mute'
    the national broadcaster
    ABC News, 15 Nov 2021 01:13Z
    Scott Morrison says no govt agency is above scrutiny, as Ita Buttrose
    labels a Senate inquiry a "partisan" attempt to undermine the national broadcaster.

    Tesla starts deploying Starlink satellite internet systems at
    Supercharger stations
    Electrek, 14 Nov 2021 20:57Z

    COP26: Climate deal sounds the death knell for coal power - PM
    BBC News, 14 Nov 2021 21:53Z

    'I am deeply sorry': Alok Sharma fights back tears as watered-down Cop26
    deal agreed
    Guardian News, 14 Nov 2021 12:53Z

    'Still on the road to hell': Global media reacts to COP26 climate deal
    CNBC, 14 Nov 2021 18:54Z

    It may be incremental, but at least the COP26 climate pact mentions fossil fuels, unlike Paris
    ABC News, 14 Nov 2021 02:05Z
    Some were quick to declare the COP26 climate talks a failure before they
    even started. Now, after weeks of negotiations, Michael Slezak takes a look
    at what they have achieved.

    Veteran teacher to face off with Angus Taylor in 2022 federal election
    ABC Illawarra, 14 Nov 2021 03:05Z
    The Voices of Hume campaign has selected Penny Ackery to take on the Energy Minister in the seat of Hume when Australia votes next year.

    Travellers, states and territories told to 'pay up' mns owed to NSW in quarantine fees
    ABC News, 14 Nov 2021 07:03Z
    NSW ministers say the state opened its doors to returned travellers from
    across Australia and kept them safe in hotel quarantine and it was only fair
    to taxpayers these bills be paid.

    It could have been worse, but our leaders failed us at Cop26. That's the
    truth of it.
    The Guardian/Opinion, 13 Nov 2021 20:34Z

    Cop26 has been a failure and our lacklustre world leaders are to blame
    The Independent/Opinion, 13 Nov 2021 16:35Z

    BREAKING (14 Nov): Vic has reported 905 new Delta cases and 4 deaths
    in the past 24 hrs. There are 394 people in hospital with the virus
    and 75 in ICU.

    [More Common Than We Thought:]
    Virgin births discovered in critically endangered birds
    BBC, 29 Oct 2021
    US wildlife researchers have discovered that 2 California condors, a
    critically endangered bird, gave birth without any male genetic DNA.

    Sydney plagued by public transport failures despite bns spent
    on infrastructure
    ABC News, 13 Nov 2021 20:16Z
    From cracks on trams to trains that are too wide for tunnels, the delivery
    of public transport services across NSW has been riddled with problems.

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