• oct 2021: GL +.99 #4/142; NH +1.3C #2; SH +.69 #7: NASA GISTEMP

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    According to the latest update from NASA the NH has scored well over
    1C above 20th century normal for Oct 2021 ranking 2nd warmest since
    the 19th cent.

    The high value has done a lot to offset the incredible freezing cold
    in the S Hem that is only .69C above normal and ranking 7th warmest
    Oct in the past 142 years.

    Together the 2 have produced a global avg for the month .99C above
    normal and scoring 4th-warmest since the 1880s.

    The various top10 lists are now updated to:

    2015 109
    2019 102
    2018 101
    2021 99 <-- new #4/142
    2017 90
    2020 89
    2016 89
    2014 80
    2012 79
    2005 74

    N Hem
    2019 131
    2021 130 <-- new #2
    2015 129
    2018 124
    2020 123
    2017 105
    2016 103
    2003 99
    2006 96
    2005 95

    S Hem
    2015 90
    2018 79
    2017 75
    2016 74
    2019 73
    2021 69 <-- new #7
    2012 68
    2014 68
    1997 59
    2020 56

    BREAKING (13 Nov): The COP26 is being held over until a final
    statement can be issued. The hold-up now is the wording has been
    watered down and appears too much. Some delegates have begged the
    conference to "please prove me wrong" about failing to agree on a
    significant plan going forward.

    [Commynist Takeover Of Merica!]
    Biden's infrastructure bill to become official on Mon. Here's what's in
    it for you
    CNET, 12 Nov 2021 20:13Z
    The new Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 is designed to tackle big-ticket items such as expanding high-speed internet and building...
    [FINALLY some money to start repairing an estimated 45,000 defective
    bridges that have needed maintenance sometime shortly after they were
    built back in the 1950s. Back in the 90s I remember there were an
    estimated 5000 bridges in "critical need of repair" with a giant hole
    in a bridge I used to cross at least weekly in Boston having been
    there for years if not decades then. Some bridges back then were held
    up only by rebar and steel casings].

    New York To Reap Billions Of Dollars For Mass Transit In "Monumental"
    Infrastructure Bill
    Gothamist, 06 Nov 2021 19:20Z

    [Conservation *and* Tourism!]
    Build it and they will come: Plan to create new eco-tourism and adventure destination on western side of Blue Mountains
    ABC News, 12 Nov 2021 21:09Z
    More than 30,000 hectares of land, an area twice the size of the Royal
    National Park, will be turned into a conservation area and tourist attraction.

    Torrential downpours, raging rivers and blocked roads: Alice Springs'
    wettest Nov on record
    ABC Alice Springs, 13 Nov 2021 0:08Z
    Torrential downpours, a dry river flooded, a dramatic rescue and city
    traffic jams in the outback -- and it's only halfway through the month.

    Netherlands enters three-week partial lockdown amid COVID surge
    ABC News, 13 Nov 2021 01:21Z
    The lockdown is the first to start in western Europe since a new wave of infections began surging across parts of the continent.

    [Debils Bref!]
    This country town is a secretive centre for big pharma drug production and
    an alleged cartel
    ABC, 12 Nov 2021 18:38Z
    Alkaloids of Australia has been charged with criminal cartel offences. ...
    in other plants abroad and has the nickname "devil's breath".
    [The Qld duboisia plant was supposedly used in motion sickness pills
    by allied forces on D Day after other sources of became inaccessible
    during WWII. Now the secretive company that markets the active
    ingredients has been accused of 33 cartel offences that artificially
    boosted the price of the products over the past 10 y. The company CEO
    has pleaded guilty to some charges and is awaiting sentencing. The
    company is yet to plea. Companies are liable to a fine of $10 mn per
    offence and individuals to 10y in jail].

    World to see `longest partial lunar eclipse in 1,000 years' on Nov 18-19
    Times of India, 13 Nov 2021 01:05Z

    [Free Money!]
    At least 15 MPs letting homes and renting another on expenses
    BBC News, 12 Nov 2021 20:34Z

    Entergy Mississippi readies push into renewable power with plans to add 1 GW Utility Dive, 12 Nov 2021

    Victoria records 1,221 new local COVID-19 cases and 4 deaths
    ABC News, 12 Nov 2021 22:35Z
    There are now 16,671 active cases of the virus in Victoria, and 407 people
    have died in the state during the current Delta outbreak.

    Holiday home rental prices are skyrocketing. Would you pay $22,000 a week?
    ABC Illawarra, 12 Nov 2021 23:34Z
    The cost of accommodation along parts of the New South Wales South Coast
    reach dizzying heights, with property owners taking advantage of Sydney's exodus after the lifting of COVID travel restrictions.

    Grampians Peaks Trail opens as hikers question its steep price tag
    ABC Wimmera, 12 Nov 2021 23:33Z
    A new long-distance walk opens in Victoria's west, but is it worth the $33
    mn it cost to build?

    'Plant for pollinators': Gardeners urged to help battling native Australian bees
    ABC Ballarat, 12 Nov 2021 23:32Z
    Would you recognise a native Australian bee if you saw one? To date, 1,700 native Australian bee species have been identified and named. But despite
    the high species count, bee experts say the bees are in decline. One way to help them is to plant more native-flowering plants in the garden.

    For polio survivors like Gillian, the disease is still very real --
    and others may have 'invisible' symptoms
    ABC Illawarra, 12 Nov 2021 23:39Z
    Australia is free of polio, but the disease lingers for survivors like
    Gillian Thomas, and she fears others might be experiencing "invisible"
    late effects without even knowing.
    [We had a touch of polio as kids. My 30s-something GP was shocked to
    discover Australia had polio in the 1950s. My sister had a bad relapse
    in the 1970s and from memory had to be put in an iron lung for a while].

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