• 40+ countries vote to end coal

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    *More than 40 countries agree to phase out coal-fired power

    Fiona Harvey, Jillian Ambrose and Patrick Greenfield, The Guardian via
    Carbon Brief

    A number of publications report on several coal power initiatives
    launching at COP26, including a pledge by 40 countries to phase out
    use of the fuel to generate electricity. The Guardian says major
    coal-using economies including Poland, Ukraine and Vietnam have joined
    a pledge to phase out coal power, with major economies doing so in the
    "2030s" and others in the "2040s". It says that some of the world's
    most coal-dependent economies, including Australia, China, India and
    the US, are "missing from the deal". It adds: "Expert assessments have
    found that for the world to stay within 1.5C, developed economies
    should phase out coal before 2030, rather than in the 2030s as in the
    deal announced on Wed night." [The IEA pathway to 1.5C published
    earlier this year had developed countries phasing out coal power by
    2030 and the world by 2040.]

    According to the Financial Times, the UK "said the new initiative
    would help to shut down 40GW [GWs] of coal power plants" in 20

    The Press Association, via the Belfast Telegraph, says the UK-led "coal-to-clean" transition statement commits signatories "to ending
    all investment in new coal power generation domestically and
    internationally and rapidly scaling up deployment of clean power
    generation". It continues: "The statement also sees them commit to
    phasing out coal power in economies in the 2030s for major economies
    and the 2040s for the rest of the world and to ensure the shift away
    from coal power is fair and benefits workers and communities." The
    newswire adds: "More than 40 countries have signed up to the
    statement, including 18 committing to phase out and not build or
    invest in new coal power for the first time, such as Poland, Vietnam
    and Chile, the UK govt said. Separately, 28 new members have
    signed up to the UK-led `powering past coal alliance', to phase out
    the use of the most polluting fossil fuel, including Chile, Singapore
    and Durban."

    BBC News reports under the headline: "190 nations and organisations
    pledge to quit coal." It quotes UK business and energy secretary Kwasi
    Kwarteng saying this means "the end of coal is in sight", but adds:
    "Some of the world's biggest coal-dependent countries, including
    Australia, India, China and the US, did not sign up to the pledge."
    [Neither the article nor the UK govt press release include a
    full list of the countries and organisations involved.]

    Bloomberg says HSBC, NatWest and Lloyds are among lenders joining the
    Powering Past Coal Alliance. The New York Times reports: "A coalition
    of 18 countries, plus dozens of banks and other institutions, will
    pledge to phase out coal-fired power plants domestically and to end
    funding for international coal projects, according to the British
    govt." It adds: "The new campaign, which is expected to be
    announced by British officials on Thu in Glasgow, declares that
    the end of coal `is in sight' because of the new coalition. The full
    list of 18 countries was not available, but, according to the British
    govt, it includes developed and developing countries like
    Poland, Vietnam, Egypt, Chile and Morocco. It was unclear whether the
    United States was part of the agreement.

    A spokeswoman for John Kerry, President Biden's climate envoy, did not
    respond to a request for comment." Reuters, BusinessGreen, the
    Independent and the Daily Telegraph also have the story.

    Separately, Reuters reports that the Asian Development Bank "launched
    a plan on Wed to speed the closure of coal-fired power plants in
    Indonesia and the Philippines".

    In related news, the New York Times reports: "A group of philanthropic foundations and international development banks on Wed announced
    a $10.5bn fund to help emerging economies with growing energy needs
    make the switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources. The group,
    known as the Global Energy Alliance, aims to draw in more donors in
    the coming weeks."

    Meanwhile, Reuters reports: "China flagged on Wed it is
    targeting a 1.8% reduction in average coal use for electricity
    generation at power plants over the next 5 years, in a bid to lower
    greenhouse gas emissions."

    Sky News Asia correspondent Tom Cheshire reports from China's northern provinces under the headline: "The future of our climate hangs on
    China's hesitation to reduce coal usage."

    A feature for CNN is titled: "Humanity needs to ditch coal to save
    itself. It also needs to keep the lights on." For the Independent,
    former Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has a comment under the
    headline: "The west has to work with China to `end coal' - purely
    hectoring will achieve little."

    China Dialogue has a feature titled: "Will recent power shortages slow
    China's progress to carbon neutrality?" It says: "The leadership has
    made power stability a top priority, but signalled that China's
    climate targets won't be affected."

    [Drug Dealer's Defence:]
    An important detail Morrison omits when he says Australia barely contributes
    to global warming
    ABC News, 03 Nov 2021 19:13Z
    China's President was a no show at the Glasgow climate summit. It didn't go unnoticed by world leaders, but pointing the blame at China conveniently
    leaves out an important detail when it comes to global emissions.

    Australia has a submarine-shaped hole in its defences, and few options to
    fill it
    fiABC News, 03 Nov 2021 19:21Z
    The navy faces a looming headache on how to replace its ageing submarine
    fleet, one that a hurt French ambassador warns could create a 20-year hole
    in Australia's defences.

    NASA just found these organic molecules on Mars for the first time
    Inverse, 02 Nov 2021

    Ford has unveiled a retro '70s concept electric pickup
    Mashable, 03 Nov 2021 02:57Z

    Quantum Physicists Set "Ultrabroadband" Record With Entangled Photons SciTechDaily, 02 Nov 2021 20:55Z

    [The Climate Strollout:]
    How Scott Morrison's climate action wishlist was cobbled together
    Independent Australia, 03 Nov 2021 04:49Z
    Having faced criticism over lack of climate action, Scott Morrison
    unveiled an emissions reduction plan containing passages written at
    the last minute.
    [Ignoring the experts and reacting at the last second worked with the
    Black Summer and Pandemic, didn't it?]

    China confiscates coal to reduce emissions amid climate pressure at COP26
    The Washington Post, 03 Nov 2021 06:48Z
    The operation in Tangshan, a steelmaking hub, reflects pressure to curb the rise in the country's emissions - especially ahead of the Winter Olympics.

    Climate Change Will Kill National Sovereignty As We Know It
    Bloomberg.com, 03 Nov 2021 06:47Z
    A concept that came out of the Thirty Years War could become obsolete in the age of ecological apocalypse.

    Victoria records 941 new local COVID-19 cases and 8 deaths as new tier 1 exposure sites listed
    ABC News, 02 Nov 2021 22:39Z
    [12 deaths in total today. Covid no longer in the headlines].

    Self-described 'Forrest Gump of COVID' wins PM's science prize
    ABC Science, 03 Nov 2021 08:28Z
    Eddie Holmes has become a world authority on viral evolution, despite being taught by a biology teacher who was a creationist. He's also managed to find himself repeatedly and coincidentally at the centre of the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Resources Minister not required to consider climate change when awarding gas grant, lawyers argue
    ABC News, 03 Nov 2021 02:56Z
    Lawyers for the federal govt are arguing the Resources Minister was
    not required to consider the risks of climate change when determining
    whether to award $21 mn in grants to a gas company.

    Scott Morrison may want to 'move on', but leaking Macron's private texts
    only ensures French fury will linger
    ABC News, 03 Nov 2021 05:55Z
    The Prime Minister may have felt justifiably injured after being branded a
    liar on the world stage, but this was the time for a cool head, not a hot
    one, writes Andrew Probyn.

    BOM offers new climate tool for farmers
    The Mandarin, 02 Nov 2021 20:51Z
    A new Bureau of Meteorology climate outlook tool informs agriculture with unseasonal and extreme weather events beyond the seven-day forecast.

    [Biggest Rort in Aus History:]
    Frydenberg warned less than 3 months into JobKeeper that mns were
    going to firms with rising turnovers
    ABC/7.30, 02 Nov 2021 19:31Z
    The ABC confirms the federal Treasurer was alerted less than 3 months
    into JobKeeper that businesses were getting taxpayer support for 6 months
    while increasing their turnovers.

    At least $38b in JobKeeper went to companies where turnover did not fall
    ABC/7.30, 02 Nov 2021 05:34Z
    Analysis by the federal Parliamentary Budget Office found that $38 bn
    in JobKeeper payments went to employers that did not suffer sustained
    downturns below threshold levels.

    The Australian bushfire survivor taking on Scott Morrison at the Glasgow climate summit
    ABC News, 02 Nov 2021 19:30Z
    Jo Dodds knows what it is like to be on the climate change frontline, so
    she went to COP26 to pressure govts into doing more about the crisis.

    'Clean up our own backyard': Australian miners ramp up plans to cut carbon emissions
    ABC/The Business, 02 Nov 2021 19:29Z
    Fossil fuels are fast losing favour in Australia as some of the country's biggest miners shift to a greener business model.

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