• Sept 2021: GL SST +.71 #4/172; NH #4; SH #6: HadSST v4

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    Hadley has updated its v4 SST series to the end of Sept 2021.

    The group is in the process of upgrading from the v3 to v4 product in
    their global climate monitoring data but with all the pandemic stuff
    I'm no longer sure where we are with that. I notice the v3 SST series,
    that I normally follow and have cooked up some of my own s/w to use as
    a baseline, has not been updated at the same time. Maybe we've
    switched to v4 now?

    The global SST has averaged around .71C above normal making Sept 2021
    the 4th warmest in the past 172 years. Not bad for a La Nina squared.

    The top 10 lists for v4 across the various regions of interest are as

    2015 0.82941
    2019 0.73526
    2014 0.71373
    2021 0.71319 <-- new #4/172
    2016 0.69842
    2020 0.68883
    2018 0.65663
    2017 0.61850
    2013 0.55462
    2012 0.54827

    2015 1.07844
    2019 1.06293
    2020 1.03922
    2021 0.99885 <-- new #4/172
    2014 0.97640
    2016 0.93284
    2018 0.87637
    2017 0.83855
    2003 0.73244
    2012 0.70662

    2015 0.58899
    1997 0.50357
    2016 0.48130
    2014 0.44951
    2018 0.44557
    2021 0.42744 <-- new #6/172
    2017 0.41447
    2019 0.41336
    2009 0.39700
    2012 0.39395

    2015 0.99894
    1997 0.70758
    2019 0.66217
    2016 0.65680
    2021 0.64122 <-- new #5/172
    2009 0.63504
    2017 0.62559
    1987 0.59557
    2018 0.59358
    2014 0.58455

    We fact checked Barnaby Joyce on the relative size of fossil fuel exports. Here's what we found
    RMIT ABC Fact Check, 20 Oct 2021 21:44Z
    Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce says that coal and fossil fuels are Australia's largest export. Is that correct? RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates. ... "[R]esources" exports significantly exceed fossil fuel exports.
    In the most recent (pandemic-affected) financial year, iron ore exports exceeded the value of fossil fuel exports. On this basis alone, Mr Joyce's claim is problematic.
    ["Doesn't stack up". Mr Joyce conflated all coal, oil and NG exports
    rather than recognize the quite different markets for each].

    NSW records 372 new cases of COVID-19 and one death
    ABC News, 20 Oct 2021 22:42Z
    Across the state, 92.5 per cent of those aged 16 and over have now had at
    least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 82.3 per cent have had 2 doses.

    Family wins two-year battle against Public Trustee to keep brother's
    financial independence
    ABC Sunshine Coast, 20 Oct 2021 20:21Z
    Two years and $80,000 later, Sue Nunn stops the Public Trustee of Queensland from charging a family member 40 per cent of his disability pension to administer his finances.

    BREAKING (21 Oct): The delay in Victoria's covid numbers is
    explained. The state has announced 2232 new Delta cases in the past 24
    hrs -- the 2nd highest number on record in AUS. There were also 12
    deaths. Trends show both numbers are doubling every 10 days or so.
    The state is still expected to open up tomorrow morning.

    [La Ninno!]
    Clean-up underway in Coffs Harbour after supercell storm causes widespread damage
    ABC News, 20 Oct 2021 21:21Z
    ABC Morning Briefing, Emergency services reported more than 700 calls for
    help as the region was lashed by giant hail and damaging winds.
    [TV news has been describing a scene of piled-up hail -- some of it
    stones 5cm or larger -- as "snow" that will no doubt feed the
    hillbilly meme the world is heading into a New Ice Age, esp in NSW.
    Hail, of course, is a summer thang and generally requires low-level
    warm moist air to be up-drafted into the higher atm that is
    permanently below freezing].

    BREAKING (21 Oct): NSW has seen an up-tick in Delta cases with 372
    detected in the past 24 hrs. There has also been 1 death from the
    virus. Health officials say there are 523 covid patients in hospital
    with 132 in intensive care. Meanwhile, reporters are mildly curious
    why Victoria has not announced its daily numbers this morning. For
    months they were released before 9am and they are now more than 15
    mins late.

    Mandatory jab for 1 mn WA workers evokes both serious concern and
    broad support
    ABC News, 20 Oct 2021 21:59Z
    A WA govt decision to mandate the COVID-19 vaccination for 75
    per cent of the state's workforce draws a mixed response from unions
    and employers.

    BREAKING (21 Oct): Vic has hit its 70% fully-vax target 5 days early
    and the world record 265 days of lockdown will end in the small hrs of
    tomorrow morning.
    [Daily cases are trending up and over the last 4 wks doubling every
    ~12 days. Daily deaths are doubling every ~8 days. The 14-day
    smoothed curves are now showing 2200+ cases/d and ~16 deaths/d].

    [Nuttin Two Hyde!]
    Government blocks bid to investigate Christian Porter over legal fee
    ABC News, 20 Oct 2021 07:35Z
    The Coalition blocks a bid to have former attorney-general Christian
    Porter investigated over his financial disclosures, despite the Speaker of
    the House having argued there was a case for further scrutiny.
    [This is the first time in AUS history the Parliament has overruled
    the Speaker when he said there was a case to investigate "unusual
    sources of funding" for an MP].

    Shopping centre roof collapses as golf ball-sized hail, ferocious winds slam into NSW city
    ABC Mid North Coast, 20 Oct 2021 07:33Z
    The SES fields 100s of calls after a savage hailstorm lashes Coffs
    Harbour and its surrounds, damaging homes and businesses and leaving some residents wishing they had snow chains for their tyres.

    [Profitable Pendemic!]
    Leaked contracts reveal Pfizer's power to 'silence' govts and '
    maximize profits', consumer group alleges
    ABC News, 20 Oct 2021 07:33Z
    Under secretive contracts, pharmaceutical company Pfizer has the power to
    block countries from donating their COVID-19 vaccines to other nations, and
    can demand that govts put up their public assets as collateral.

    Grains set for more bumper crops, prices to remain strong amid global shortages ABC Rural, 20 Oct 2021 08:31Z
    The latest grains cropping forecast from Rabobank predicts the current
    winter crop will hit just under 53 mn tonnes, just slightly off 2020's

    NSW vaccine development will strengthen resilience to further pandemics,
    govt says
    ABC News, 20 Oct 2021 13:03Z
    The NSW govt takes the next step in creating a national mRNA vaccine manufacturing hub to help bolster the state's resilience against future pandemics.

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