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    The UAH has updated its atm temp data series to the end of Sept 2021.

    As announced prev on Roy Spencer's blog the global avg atm temp 3-10
    km above sea level for Sept was .25C above the series average making
    it the 6th warmest in the sat era.

    But the new data shows the Southern Temperate zone has recorded an
    unusually warm reading at +.44C above normal. This is so warm it's not
    on a NEW RECORD for Sept but is the 9th warmest reading for any month
    of the 514 months in the dataset.

    The contig US saw +.67C relative to "normal" that was the 5th warmest
    Sept for the series in that region.

    The various new top 10s are as follows:

    For all months:

    Region Rank Anum (deg C rel ~1980s avs)
    SoExt 9 0.44

    For Sept:

    Region Rank Anum (deg C rel ~1980s avs)
    SoExt 1 0.44
    GlobeLand 2 0.46
    SoExtLand 3 0.81 <- warm!
    NoExtLand 4 0.47
    SoExtOcean 4 0.37
    SH 4 0.33
    USA48 5 0.67
    NHLand 5 0.40
    Globe 6 0.25
    NH 6 0.18
    NoExt 7 0.24
    SHLand 7 0.21
    GlobeOcean 7 0.18

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