• Pct 2021: SST +.55C tracking 4th warmest in >=150y: nighttime IR sats

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    8 days into the month and the initial read on global SST shows the
    potential new La Nina is not knocking the sea surface temps back by
    much. A normal La Nina cools the world a mighty .05C from where it
    would have been in neutral conditions; an El Nino warms it by the same
    amount. But we're continuing to see La Nina's in the 21st century
    regularly warmer than the warmest El Ninos of the 20th Cent.

    This plot shows it all: <kymhorsell.com/ONI.gif>

    The warmest El Ninos -- about every 15y -- are steadily getting warmer
    (they are easy to spot by eye because they run along the top part of
    the plot). The biggest La Ninas every approx 15 y and running near
    the bottom of the plot also show a warming trend. Big surprise
    eventually the smaller La Ninas start to beat the average El Nino and
    as we get further into the 21st cent even the biggest 20th cent El
    Nino of 1998.

    date GMT avg SST deg C rel Hadley baseline
    14sep2021 0.567924
    15sep2021 0.570054
    16sep2021 0.568304
    17sep2021 0.567531
    18sep2021 0.565583
    19sep2021 0.568639
    20sep2021 0.567063
    21sep2021 0.57047
    22sep2021 0.571208
    23sep2021 0.556546
    24sep2021 0.550125
    25sep2021 0.544806
    26sep2021 0.543852
    27sep2021 0.540706
    28sep2021 0.542858
    29sep2021 0.549248
    30sep2021 0.546805
    01oct2021 0.541852
    02oct2021 0.537878
    03oct2021 0.535834
    04oct2021 0.538192
    05oct2021 0.537264
    06oct2021 0.541069
    07oct2021 0.549387
    08oct2021 0.547855

    avg last 2 wks: 0.544021
    avg last 4 wks: 0.559436

    Top 10 warmest Octs according to Hadley SST:

    Year Avg Oct SST deg C rel ~1980s
    2015 0.6990
    2019 0.6150
    2016 0.6010
    <-- 2021: ~.56C new #4?
    2018 0.5570
    2014 0.5280
    2020 0.5080
    2017 0.4870
    1997 0.4680
    2003 0.4480
    2012 0.4370

    BREAKING (9 Oct): The Business Council of Australia has reversed its
    position on bigger climate pledges. In the 80s and 90s it said
    fighting climate change was "an economy wrecker" and refused to back
    measures such as the Gillard govt's carbon tax. Now it says Australia
    should pledge to net 0 by 2050 and up its ambitions on a range of
    other measures because it makes economic sense.

    BREAKING (9 Oct): Passengers on 6 Virgin flights to/from Melbourne
    Airport have been warned to isolate and get tested after Delta cases
    were confirmed on the aircraft.

    BREAKING (9 Oct): NSW has recorded another 11 deaths from covid over
    the past 24 hrs.
    [Later reports say 4 of the dead had been fully vaccinated and another
    3 had 1 jab].

    ["Keeping People Safe":]
    BREAKING (9 Oct). NSW had recorded another 580 cases of Delta in the
    past 24 hrs. In a growing trend, deaths have not been reported.
    There are more than 800 people in hospital with the disease and almost
    200 in intensive care.
    [In a press conf the new Premier kept arguing his changes to "the
    roadmap", that will see NSW open up on Mon, are "small" and "modest". Unfortunately, with chaotic systems the response of the system to even
    small changes can be dis-proportionate. The experts are worrying with
    10+ people a day dying from Delta -- a significant fraction of them
    fully vaccinated and a larger fraction partially vaccinated -- plans
    to allow dozens of people to congregate in restaurants is too soon and
    even conservative newspapers are asking what is wrong with Prem Perrottet].

    High-stakes gamble as a new premier stamps his authority
    The Australian, 08 Oct 2021 12:49Z
    Heads are still spinning after the abrupt resignation of Gladys Berejiklian
    as Liberal premier of NSW a week ago.

    Questions over 'unclear' roadmap infrastructure amid fears of
    'catastrophic' COVID-19 outbreak
    9News, ABC News, 08 Oct 2021 22:36Z

    Australia COVID LIVE updates: COVID-19 cases continue to grow across
    the nation as states and territories inch towards vaccination targets
    Sydney Morning Herald, 08 Oct 2021 23:08Z

    Warning as NEW DELTA strain detected ahead of `exciting time' for NSW
    7NEWS, 08 Oct 2021 03:37Z

    [Moon pidgeons have put on some weight in the past 50y!]
    `Death Star' UFO spotted flying at `high speed' across surface of the moon sending alien conspiracy theorists wild
    Irish Sun, 08 Oct 2021 09:34Z
    A "DEATH Star" UFO craft was allegedly spotted flying at high speed across
    the surface of the moon, sending alien conspiracy ...

    [New AUS record!]
    BREAKING (9 Ict): Vic has recorded another 1965 covid cases and 5
    deaths in the past 24 hrs. The health system is increasingly under
    strain. Unfortunately, modeling shows the peak is still weeks off.

    Qantas confirms Darwin as new transit hub for direct Australia-London flights ABC News, 08 Oct 2021 10:38Z
    Qantas confirms it will operate its flagship direct Australia-to-London
    route via Darwin when international flights resume next month.

    California fires may have killed 100s of giant sequoias
    NPR, 08 Oct 2021 14:22Z

    Lincoln-Lancaster Health reports first West Nile death of season
    KETV Omaha, 08 Oct 2021 16:50Z
    [2 men in 80s die from West Nile in El Paso].

    CDC director defends overruling expert panel on booster shots
    STAT, 08 Oct 2021 0:21Z

    Poland's defiance of EU law raises concern over a possible exit
    CNBC, 08 Oct 2021 11:22Z

    China warns US following reports Marines are training Taiwanese forces
    Yahoo News, 08 Oct 2021 16:22Z

    As heat waves intensify, AC can mean life or death
    Los Angeles Times, 06 Oct 2021

    An Expert on the Criminal Mind, Now He's Suspected in California Arson Spree The New York Times, 08 Oct 2021 16:22Z

    World leaders reach landmark deal on a global corporate tax rate
    CNBC30 minutes ago

    Farmers say they'll stick with homegrown Roundup advice as Bayer wins US
    court case
    ABC Rural, 08 Oct 2021 08:04Z
    Australian farmers say a decision by a US court in favour of Roundup maker Bayer has no bearing on their use of the weedkiller.

    Bayer Wins 1st Roundup Jury Judgment in Case of Child's Cancer
    Krishi Jagran, 07 Oct 2021 14:26Z
    In a California case involving a kid whose non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma was blamed
    on the Bayer AG's weed killer, Roundup the Company won its first trial,...

    Sailors on US nuclear sub injured after collision in South China Sea
    ABC News, 08 Oct 2021 04:21Z
    The United States Navy says the submarine's nuclear propulsion system was
    not damaged in the incident.

    Victoria's new $500m property scheme will see the govt own part of homes
    ABC News, 08 Oct 2021 05:19Z
    The Victorian Homebuyer Fund is expected to help about 3,000 people get into the property market, with the govt getting up to a 25 per cent stake
    in the home.

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