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    Because 10 is 2 dam confuzin!

    Britain Signals Intent to Revert to the Imperial System
    The New York Times, 18 Sep 2021

    Upcoming events:
    8 Oct NOAA Billion-Dollar Disasters Q3 update

    EASA certifies first electric aircraft in Europe ...
    Electrive, 15 Jun 2020
    With the certification of the Pipistrel Velis Electro, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued the first type certification for a purely electrically powered aircraft. The two-seater electric aircraft of the Slovenian manufacturer Pipistrel is mainly intended for pilot training. The EASA has specifically approved both the E-811-268MVLC electric motor
    developed by Pipistrel and ...

    [It's A Trap!]
    Trump's 'Waning Influence' Shown in 'Very Small Crowd Size' at
    'Justice for J6' Rally: Ted Lieu
    Newsweek, 18 Sep 2021 23:14Z

    [She'll Be Right, Mate!]
    Australia's solar bust: How it all went so horribly wrong
    ABC Science, 18 Sep 2021 19:10Z
    Twenty years ago, Australia appeared set to be a global player in the solar panel manufacturing industry. Today, with panels in high demand, we hardly
    make any of them. Here's how we lost our head start.

    Federal govt chose not to stockpile COVID treatment despite being
    warned of likely global shortage
    ABC Investigations, 18 Sep 2021 20:08Z
    The peak body of immunologists and allergists last year urged the govt
    to stock up on Tocilizumab, marketed as Actemra. Now arthritis sufferers are struggling to access the drug because it is being used to treat COVID.

    'How can we trust Australia?': Government braces for EU backlash over France submarines
    ABC News, 18 Sep 2021 20:08Z
    Senior figures in France are hinting at possible economic repercussions
    after the federal govt's decision to walk away from a $90 bn
    submarine contract with the European nation.

    A 4WD, a tank and gloves - inside the mission to save critically endangered sawfish in the Top End
    ABC News, 18 Sep 2021 22:07Z
    Sawfish were regularly facing death in Top End waterways, but a ranger group and a researcher are turning that around with a rescue program believed to
    be the only one of its kind in the world.

    Victoria records 507 new local COVID cases and one death ahead of roadmap release
    ABC News, 18 Sep 2021 22:40Z
    With infections expected to keep rising and pressure mounting on the state's healthcare system, Melbourne will stay in some form of lockdown until more
    of the population is double vaccinated.

    Teenage Alabama city councilman who voted against mask mandate tests
    positive for COVID-19
    The Hill, 18 Sep 2021 21:02Z

    Harley-Davidson's stunning vintage-inspired electric bikes are going on sale later this year
    The Verge, 18 Sep 2021 20:00Z

    Facebook VP disputes report claiming the platform knows about multiple flaws
    it doesn't fix
    The Verge, 18 Sep 2021 18:57Z
    [FB has a lot of researchers investigating various bad effects of FB
    and suggesting possible fixes. Sure, the management generally fails to
    follow through on the research. The company considers the research
    part is sufficient to "address the problems"].

    Big gap between Pfizer, Moderna vaccines seen for preventing COVID hospitalizations
    Yahoo News, 18 Sep 2021 04:55Z

    Wildfire reaches Giant Forest; fate of giant sequoias unknown
    Los Angeles Times, 18 Sep 2021 21:53Z

    Meteor Fri Morning Over WV: Flash Captured From Satellite And Sound
    On Video
    Just In Weather, 18 Sep 2021 12:17Z

    Geriatric millennials have the most power in the workforce right now
    Business Insider, 18 Sep 2021 11:16Z

    Vaccine nasal sprays aim to 'shut door' on virus
    Yahoo News, 17 Sep 2021 16:41Z

    West Nile: Los Angeles County reports its 1st West Nile virus death of the year KABC-TV, 18 Sep 2021 02:57Z

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