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    NASA has updated its GISTEMP data series to the end of Aug 2021.

    It finds global avg temps for the month were .81C above the mid 20th
    cent baseline (~1950s temps) ranking 6th warmest since the start of
    the Industrial Revolution in the mid 19th cent.

    The N Hem averaged over 1C above normal at +1.02C -- equal 4th place
    in the past 142 years.

    The @ Hem was near New Ice Age temperatures at only .61C above 1950s
    temps ranking 12th since modern temp records began.

    The various top 10 lists are now:

    Year Avg AUG temps
    (1/100th deg C rel ~1950s)
    2016 102
    2019 94
    2020 87
    2017 87
    2014 82
    2021 81 <-- new #6
    2015 80
    2018 76
    2011 74
    2006 70

    N Hem
    2020 113
    2016 112
    2019 109
    2017 102
    2021 102 <-- =4th
    2015 101
    2014 91
    2018 87
    2010 86
    2003 86

    S Hem
    2016 92
    2019 79
    1996 77
    2011 77
    2014 74
    2017 73
    2006 71
    2018 66
    2009 65
    2013 64
    2021 61 <- #12

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